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Review of Fantastic Four: The Lost Adventure February 26, 2008

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First off, I’m not giving this review a certain amount of stars simply because of what this book is. Not only is it the Lost Adventure of the FF by Lee and Kirby, but is also a comic from a completely different era, and should therefore be rated with a different system of ratings, therefore, I’m exempting this one from getting stars. For once, I’m not going to go through the story. I’ll explain at the end.

One thing that cracks me up about Stan’s writing is how it still sounds so similar all these years later. Given, some pages were reincorporated from the flashback in 108 verbatim, but even the pages that weren’t were still written in Stan “The Man’s” same old style (which is a praise, not a complaint). Of course he could have done this on purpose to ensure the dialogue flowed, but either way, the writing was very smooth and read like it really was written back in the 70s. Well, except for two “hiccups” that were perhaps my only complaint. Once Stan Lee mentions a digital camera and later a D.S.L. line. While I realize with the whole time scheme of comics problem makes it so that issue really could have taken place ten-ish years ago, I personally would have liked it if this issue really sounded like it was completely written in the 70s, instead of only partially. But those are my only two small complaints, other than that, Stan Lee’s writing was flawless.

Kirby’s art was also perfect for the story, it is a shame he never got to see this issue published in full. Compliments to Ron Frenz are also required for where he had to finish penciling, as his work fit in seamlessly and I can’t tell which is his and which is Kirby’s. Some people may not appreciate this “old school” comic art, but even if it is radically different from modern art, Kirby’s story telling is perfect, there is never confusion as to what is happening. That said, for those who do appreciate said art, this book is Kirby at his usual best.

My final comments: buy this book! It will be some of the best $5 you ever spend. Not only is it the last ever chance that you will have to read “new” material from Lee/Kirby, but it is a piece of comic book history, one that deserves appreciation. As for why I did not go into the specifics of the story, well now you don’t know anything about what happens, so what better way to find out than by buying the book? 😉




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