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LOTRKing’s Choices for the Academy Awards February 25, 2008

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You know you do it. Pick in your head who really deserved what, especially if they weren’t nominated. So now that we all know who won what at the real Oscars, I’ve decided to list who I think who should have won (and in these cases, weren’t even nominated). Of course, I only have a limited list of categories, but I am by no means a professional in knowing what all the categories are/what to look for. (If I was, I’d probably be an Academy member). šŸ˜‰ So here’s my limited list, along with some justifications:

Best Visual Effects: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer – Regardless of whether you liked the film (personally, I thought it was pretty good) you have to admit, between the Four’s powers, the Silver Surfer, and especially the destruction caused by Galactus, this was one of the most visually stunning movies of 2007.

Best Adapted Screenplay: Stardust – A wonderful movie, and one of my favorites of 07, which was also a very rare case where I actually enjoyed the movie more than the book. ‘Nuff said.

Best Original Screenplay: Martian Child – One of the most original movies I have seen in quite awhile, and also one of the best. The writing was nearly flawless, and each character was extremely well developed. I’d call this movie a real tearjerker, but I never cry in movies.

Best Animated Film: Beowulf – I’m actually very disappointed that this wasn’t nominated, the Academy seems to forget sometimes that not all animated movies are for children (and Beowulf definitely wasn’t). Even if you didn’t necessarily enjoy its closeness (or lack thereof) to the original material, it was a very well done movie, with a great story and great animation.

Best Original Song: A Hero Comes Home by Idina Menzel from Beowulf – A beautifully written song, sung by a beautiful voice. This one song captures the spirit of the movie, and the title character.

Best Original Score: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End by Hans Zimmer – This is a category very close to my heart, as I am huge fan of soundtracks. Not only was this some of the most beautiful music that I have heard, it has also earned the spot of my second favorite soundtrack ever (second, of course, only to The Time Machine). [I have to mention, Beowulf by Alan Silvestri gets a very close second place in category].

Best Supporting Actor: Geoffrey Rush for his role as Captain Barbossa in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End – I don’t care what anyone says, Barbossa is the best character from this series, and Rush is perfect for the part. I’ve decided that the reason that the second movie wasn’t as good as one and three was due to the lack of his presence.

Best Actress: Dakota Blue Richards for her role as Lyra Belacqua in The Golden Compass – This was a wonderful movie, and Dakota’s acting was well beyond her years and a perfect fit for her role. I suspect this is my most controversial choice of the evening (and not just because of the movie) but because she is such an unknown actress, but I truly think she deserves this spot.

Best Actor: Matt Damon for his role as Jason Bourne/David Webb in The Bourne Ultimatum – Have you seen this movie, and the amazing acting involved? ‘Nuff said.

Best Director: Matthew Vaughn for Stardust – As I said before, this was a great movie, definitely one of the best of 07, and when nearly everything in the movie was perfect, who else can ya blame besides the director?

Best Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End – Okay, you can start the disagreements now, but this was truly the best movie I have seen in years. Many people complain that there was way too much plot, and that the ending didn’t fit, but I personally felt the plot fit together perfectly, and that the ending was one of the best and most unexpected film series consummations that I’ve yet seen. This has become one of my favorite films, and is by far the best movie that came out last year.

Best Movie of All Time (I really wish they would award this once every decade or so): The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King – Yup, I still haven’t changed my mind! šŸ˜‰

Well that’s it for me tonight! Please leave your thoughts/comments, and if you want to, ideas on who you think should have won!




1. Jay - February 25, 2008

A Hero Comes Home wasn’t even nominated.

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