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Review of New Avengers 38 (3.5 stars) February 24, 2008

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Overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

I’m actually going to open with some comments about the art again (but just this once). While the art was certainly nothing spectacular, it fit the tone of this issue fairly well, perhaps because of this (something I did not know until after I read the issue). Gaydos’ facial expressions were also extremely well done, and he did what was probably the best representation I have yet seen of Jessica (once again, likely because of the info found at the previous link). With another artist (like Yu *ugh*) the conversation may have seemed boring, or drawn out, but Gaydos made it feel real. One thing I didn’t like was the look of superheroes in their costumes. I can’t put my finger on what exactly it was, but it just didn’t look right. So overall, the art was great for what this issue was trying to accomplish, but I don’t think I’d want to see Gaydos take over for New Avengers’ art.

Hopping on to the story, I rather enjoyed Luke and Jessica’s discussion/argument, and I felt it was necessary. Their last few discussions in previous issues bored me, to be frank. I’m not sure if Bendis wrote this one better, or if Gaydos’ art brought it to life, or some combination of the two, but for some reason, this one worked. (Of course, it could have also been that Yu’s art for those scenes was horrible, as usual, and didn’t fit with the discussion). Likewise, I’m not sure who to side with in this argument. Being against the SHRA is an ideal that Luke heavily believes in; likewise, his paranoia about the Skrull invasion is not only very real, but also very justified. On the other hand, being on the run from the government, and from killer supervillains isn’t exactly the most ideal place to raise a baby, and I think Jessica was justified in what she did; she is being a good mother, and is doing what is best for her baby. Of course, if any of those three are Skrulls (Luke, Jessica, or Danielle), this is all a moot argument. 😉

Moving on, the Mighty Avengers enter the scene, and we have yet another hilarious moment with Ares. Not only is he completely cute towards the baby (which somehow manages to be completely uncharacteristically characteristic of him and completely hilarious), he then pulls a 180 and makes another one of his arrogant “manly-man” remarks; these are just some of the reasons I love him as a character. Also, another blooper on the artists’ (and editors’) part: why is Simon in his old costume? (And why do the editors appear to be more lax on the Avengers books than anything else? It seems that these types of bloopers happen in every other issue of MA or NA. I’m not even going to touch on the “Black Widow short hair/long hair Avengers/Captain America” issue.) Of course, Luke letting the “Skrull cat” out of the bag in front of the MA begs the question: who was acting Skrully? As far as I could see, none of them, which further leads me to think that the Skrull is the Sentry (who was conveniently not there).

The concluding scene with the “Avengers Apartment” was also quite funny; for some reason the “Oh yeah. Sure. Gotcha.” frame made me crack up. Of course this scene had yet another blooper, as Maya either suddenly gained a sense of hearing miraculously, or Clint was an idiot and forgot that she couldn’t read lips with his mask on. (This is yet another mistake that seems to happen often. They should either always have their masks off, or somehow find a way to cure Maya’s deafness, because this is really starting to annoy me. And of course, if Maya is a Skrull, and this is Bendis’ “subtle hint” you’d think her teammates would notice that she could suddenly hear.) And of course we conclude with a close up of the possibly Skrull baby. That said, I really don’t think Luke or Jessica is a Skrull. The possibility of the baby I’d say is 50/50. Either Bendis is throwing in a red herring to confuse us, and will use it to somehow make sense later, or the real baby is with the Skrulls, and this one was replaced with a Skrull at some point in time. (There is also the possibility that the real Jessica and the baby are still both in Canada, and that the both of them here are Skrulls, but I don’t really think so, as Jessica doesn’t seem to be acting Skrully).




1. J. Hunt - February 24, 2008

Your points about Maya is a very good one indeed. It could just be an art screw-up, but likewise, it would make a very convincing hint that she’s a skrull – since she they believe that they rescued her from the Skrull Elektra (they might’ve allowed it to happen), she would seem beyond suspicion despite the fact that it would’ve been easy to plant her…

2. lotrking - February 24, 2008

But didn’t she die and get brought back to life in that arc? I really don’t think she is a Skrull, though I’d like her to be if it would excuse the artists and editors not doing their job.


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