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My Reactions to LOST Season Four, Episode Four: Eggtown February 23, 2008

Posted by lotrking in L O S T.

First off, apologies again for delays, I was sick yesterday (and still am) and didn’t feel much up to posting. That said, let’s jump right in, it’s gonna be a short post today, as I only have three things to comment on:

One: the card trick Dan and Charlotte were doing, what was up with that? That was certainly something seemed a bit out of character for Dan (of course we’ve only known him for a short time). It seemed like a magic trick, or mind reading trick. I really don’t have any theories about what was going on here, just thought it was something really strange that I would point out.

Second, something that was only briefly touched on in this episode, is the fact that Sayid, Desmond, and Frank still haven’t arrived, is this perhaps because they didn’t follow the exact same baring going off as they did coming on? I’ve been thinking about the time travel theory, and I like to revise my thoughts on the Island: I don’t think the Island is necessarily at a particular point in the past or future, I’m beginning to think that the Island may be a temporal nexus. In other words, I think the Island is the gateway to time travel. One can reach the Island from any point in history, and depending on the direction they travel to get off of it, they can end up at any point in history. This would explain why the helicopter would have to leave the Island at an exact baring, in order to reach their own time. If they deviated slightly, they might end up somewhere, excuse me, somewhen else. Of course, I could be completely wrong, but I think it would explain a lot.

And lastly of course, is the huge last minute reveal, Kate’s son is none other than: Aaron! Of course, this opens up tons of questions. Where is Claire? Why did she give Aaron to Kate? Does Jack know that Kate’s “son” is Aaron? If so, why is he so reluctant to see him? Why would Kate be the one to care for Aaron? Her lifestyle certainly does not suggest she is the most motherly. Once again, I’ve got no theories on this as of yet, but I may think up something later, stay tuned!

More next week and please leave comments!




1. J. Hunt - February 25, 2008

Personally, I think Jack is reluctant to see Aaron because he’s somehow discovered that Claire is his half-sister and for whatever reason, he finds that – and Aaron – too hard to deal with. A reminder of the family he’d rather forget.

2. lotrking - February 26, 2008

Ah! I had not thought of that! Good point, that could very likely be the answer, especially because he should really be Aaron’s guardian in Claire’s absence, since he is his uncle.


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