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Review of Daredevil 104 (3.5 stars) February 18, 2008

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Overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Our story starts pretty ominously with a frightened Lily running out of the Murdock residence (and getting into a Bonus LOST Easter Egg: cab advertising Oceanic Airlines) before a flashback scene. You’ve got to hand it to Brubaker, he is much better at using his flashback scenes than some of his other contemporaries (*cough*Bendis*cough*). Instead of finding out what exactly caused Lily to run from the house, we get another scene leading up to it, one that explains much more than actually showing us the events in the house. I also really enjoyed this scene because it probably gave us a better look into Darth Fear’s (nope, still haven’t given up on that nickname) character and exact plans than any other scene in this arc; we finally get to see his plan in action, and how everything really does fit into his plan, rather than him explaining to us that it somehow does.

We then get a short but awesome scene on Daredevil’s part. I really thought that DD was gonna torture the Ox, but his plan was so much better. This scene brought back memories of some of the best parts of Back in Black (which now never happened *sigh*) and showed that even when Daredevil is at his most desperate, he can still take the (somewhat) humane approach. Immediately after this, the Hood comes on the scene to question the Ox. Once again, kudos to Brubaker for doing his job, and paying attention to the continuity of comics besides his own; he could have easily ignored the Hood all together, or simply made him a small part of the story, but I think we will see a lot more of him before this storyline is over (I really don’t think this storyline will be wrapped up in this arc, there is only one issue left, and too much to resolve).

After this, we see that Darth Fear is once again, one step ahead of Matt, as he is not home when DD barges in, and he knows that Lily will have visited Milla by now. Matt gets home too late again, and we know that somewhere Darth Fear must be loving this as this must be sheer torture for Matt: Milla comes home, and there is some hope again, and boom, this happens, and all hope is lost. Fear certainly knows how to play games with his prey. Yet more praise for Brubaker: he certainly knows how to cook up great evil schemes for his villains (see Captain America for further proof), and how to show only small bits of these schemes to the readers to build speculation and suspense.

The story ends with Matt confronting Lily and the Hood confronting Fear. Summing up: this was a good issue, much better than the last, and Brubaker is a genius (who didn’t know that?).




1. Gloria - February 19, 2008

Of course Bru is a friggin’ genius!! And a master storyteller to boot!

But if this issue is so awesome (and I expect the next one to be as awesome or more), it is because brubaker has been skillfully building up to this climax: what many people -not me- seem to consider “dragging” issues actually were giving us the necessary data about Lily, Darth Fear (I love that nick!! ;D), Matt Murdock, Milla, etc… the developments of previous issues explain why it is happening what is happening in this issue.

And there’s an upcoming DD saga co-written by Rucka and Brubaker… As Margo Channing once said, “fasten your belts, dearies, this is gonna be quite a ride!”

2. lotrking - February 19, 2008

I saw the solicit for that issue today, and I read an interview about it as well. It does indeed look awesome. 😉


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