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Initial Reactions to LOST Season Four, Episode Three: The Economist February 16, 2008

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And the fourth member of the Oceanic Six is ….. Sayid! (Ha! I guessed right! My guess for the other two: Sun and Jin). He seems by far to have the oddest “future,” a hired assassin for Ben? (This also supports my theory that Ben may be the one who died at the end of Season 3). So from this we also know that Ben will leave (and has left from the looks of his passports) the Island, why? For someone who loves the Island as much as he does, what would compel him to leave? And of course the obvious question, who does Ben want dead, and why is Sayid working for him? I think the people getting killed are members of Naomi’s group, but I have no idea why Sayid would be the one to do it.

And of course the next big thing from this episode: Daniel’s experiment! Why did it take so long for the payload to reach the Island? And why were the clocks out of synch? This makes me once again suspect that time travel is involved. But if so, how are they still able to communicate with the freighter which is in the past/future? Are the “satellite phones” really some kind of temporal ansible? And if so, how does Naomi’s group have access to such advanced technology? (Of course the simple answer to the communications question is that the radio waves emitted by the phone travel through the wormhole, or whatever temporal distortion there may be, and mask the effect of time travel, but that answer isn’t nearly as fun. ;)).

And my last big question from this episode: why couldn’t Locke find Jacob’s cabin? Is Jacob losing faith in Locke? Is Hurley perhaps a better candidate? (I don’t know why he would be, the only reason I ask is ‘cause Hurley saw the cabin in the first place). As with all things Jacob, just what is going on here?

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Edit: Sorry guys and gals, I haven’t had as much time this week as I thought I would, and I won’t be able to do a “Secondary Reactions” post. Unfortunately, I may give them up all together. 😦 But do not fret! More LOST reactions and theories will return Friday, and the “Initial Reactions” posts will continue! Stay tuned!




1. dylan555 - February 18, 2008

I’m wondering if Penny’s dad, Alvar Hanso, and the Dharma initiative are involved somehow. I suspect they’re Ben’s targets…

Edit: This comment was moved here from another page.

2. lotrking - February 18, 2008

That is possible as well, I hadn’t thought of that…..

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