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Secondary Reactions to LOST Season Four, Episode Two: Confrimed Dead February 11, 2008

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OK, so the episode opens with a remote sub finding the wreckage of 815. Some obvious questions: Who was it that found it, and what were they looking for? Cause they sure didn’t sound like they were trying to find 815. What is the wreckage? Cause we know that certainly isn’t from 815. Is it something that Ben’s off-Island group did to throw everyone off? If so, what kind of group could have the power to do that? Or perhaps, was it something Naomi’s group did to throw people off, so they could find the Island without interference? Of course, another question that Daniel’s wife asked applies, why was Daniel so upset?

Later, as Jack, Kate, and Dan go tracking through the jungle, they find a box from Dan’s group with a gas mask and red packs. Another obvious question: what is the gas mask for? Even if their main objective is to capture, or even kill Ben, there are surely much more simple ways of doing so that do not require gas masks. I’m thinking there is something much more sinister going on here.

Later on, we see Ben taunting Sawyer (what else is new?), after which Sawyer beats him up. Surely Ben knew what Sawyer would do, so why did he provoke him? What is his motive? Heck, pretty much anytime he has been beaten up, he knew it was coming, why does he continue to do it? Does he like pain? Does he want them to hate him more? Surely a guy as smart as Ben has a method to his madness, I just can’t wait to see what it is.

I already mentioned the heavy stuff from the polar bear dig on Friday, but there are two more things I want to touch on: one, why does Charlotte refuse to believe that the wreckage isn’t 815? And two, she knew to look for the polar bear’s collar, how could she have possibly known that? Just who is she?

Something big that I didn’t notice last time: Naomi’s group thinks that any 815 survivor’s may be on the Island with Ben, what would make them think that? And why was the creepy Black guy so insistent that there were no survivors? Now the next big thing that we have to wonder is, how did they get a picture of Ben? This was something I had never even thought of, until a friend asked me this question over the weekend. She also presented a theory I had never thought of that would explain a lot: clones. What if everyone on the Island were clones? This would explain how they could all be dead and yet still alive, and how they got the off-Island picture of Ben, who never leaves the Island. This is a very interesting theory, but I’m not sure if I am ready to side with it yet, because it does leave some holes: one, even if everyone is a clone, that doesn’t explain where the second plane (the one in the ocean, and the one on the Island) came from. Two, if the pilot was a clone, Frank would have still have recognized him, so the pilot in the ocean cannot be a clone. Why would they have cloned everyone except for one person? Here is my possible non-clone theory that might explain some things: perhaps Naomi’s group is what is leftover of the off-Island Dharma Initiative. This would explain why they are after Ben (he slaughtered their people), how they know so much about the Island and why they are trying to find it (it was their base of operations), and how they got a picture of Ben (it could have been faxed off the Island through The Flame when it was still run by Dharma). Of course, I could be completely wrong, but it does seem a partial fit.

One final comment about Charlotte’s name: Charlotte Staples Lewis. Does anyone else notice that she has the same initials as C.S. Lewis, as in the author of Narnia? In fact, her first name is the only thing that is different, because the S in C.S. Lewis’ name also stood for Staples. So here we get yet another literary reference. Are they all just random little Easter Eggs? Or do all of the literary references have meaning? Only time will tell…..

Check back on Friday for info on the third episode, and please leave comments!

Edit: I had to work last night, and abc.com is currently not working, AND I have to work all day today! Garg!!! So my thoughts on episode three will have to wait until tomorrow. 😦




1. Caitlin - February 12, 2008

Hey there! Another thing that went with the clone theory is that Locke isn’t paralyzed because his clone didn’t go through the same experiences as his other self. That theory is dissipating though…

This is a theory I found today. It’s so incredibly plausible it’s scary.

One random side note: Charlotte’s eyes freak me out. It looks like she was blind or something.

2. lotrking - February 12, 2008

Hey Caitlin!

The mirror moon theory would explain a lot, and sounds like something that the creators would do, the only thing I have against it, is that I’m pretty sure that somewhere one of the creators confirmed that the Island was somewhere on planet Earth, I could be wrong though and will have to look it up.

As for Locke not being paralyzed, I have two possible theories to explain that. One, similar to Desmond seeing the future, Locke gained healing “powers” when he came to the Island (in other words, he could heal himself and others). This would explain why Ben got cancer and why his after-surgery wounds weren’t healing until Locke showed up. The other theory is that Jacob is the embodiment of the Island, and before the plane crashed, Ben did something to anger Jacob, so Jacob decided to punish Ben by giving him cancer. When Locke arrived on the Island, Jacob knew he could be his new “prophet,” so he decided to heal Locke.

Just my theories. 😉

P.S. To all readers: ignore the fact that Caitlin has the same avatar as me, for some reason that happened when I moved her comment over here, I’m not sure how to get rid of it. 😐

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