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Review of The Twelve 2 (4 stars) February 10, 2008

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Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Well, I have to admit, I was wrong; Blue Blade is dead. But I was also right: Phantom Reporter did not shoot him, nor did anyone else I think. The only blood seems to be dripping from his mouth, indicating poison, perhaps? Certainly not indicating being shot, but that mystery will have to wait for another issue, as we return to the present…

I have to admit, I love Straczynski’s dialogue; his is probably the best in the business. Each little word bubble gives us a great insight into each character, and this scene also gives us a humorous look of how men (and woman) of the 40s react to today. I especially loved the “jetpack” comment, and I want to know that too! Where is my jetpack? 😉 Also, in this scene Claire acts fairly suspicious and gloomy, and hints are made that Phantom Reporter and Claire might get together (of course the main character would get the girl, who didn’t see that coming?)

We then get a look at The Twelve’s new house (call me crazy, but does anyone think that the exterior looks kind of like Avengers Mansion?) and we get an ominous little speech from Dynamic Man. Anyone else think DM had an evil look on his face in the close up? DM gets my vote for the one to turn against his own. (And while we are on the topic of predictions, I also think that Laughing Mask may not entirely be mentally stable, and will be the first to crack).

Following this, we get an exceedingly sad scene in the graveyard with Captain Wonder. Surely, all of the Twelve have friends and family that they miss, but no one seems to have lost more than Cap. While some may see his depression as a harbinger of him snapping mentally, I think it will be what will give him strength; I think we will see a lot of nobility from Cap before this series is over. To help break the somber tone of the book: enter Electro! OK, so we get the point that we should find this robot to be extremely creepy, now I just can’t wait to see what crazy things will ensue from his presence, maybe next issue…

We then see a bit of Dynamic Man in action, and the presenting of a problem that I completely forgot that these heroes may have to deal with: racism. I completely forgot that the 40s were a much more racist age, I mean, I knew it, but I guess I didn’t think about it. It will be interesting to see how this will play out, and what other characters besides DM are racist. I also take DM’s racism as another sign that he may not have the best intentions at heart.

After this, we get a brief scene with Claire talking to ….. who? First off, kudos to Weston for making this demon character, whoever he/she/it may be, look really old school, his art here and throughout the book is definitely keeping with the spirit of making this seem very much from the Golden Age, while retaining a modern flavor. After this, we are presented the second character we should have pity for: Rockman. Is he insane? Or is he really what he claims to be? Either way, you can’t help echo Phantom Reporter’s sentiments for the guy.

Overall, a great issue, this is a series that I highly recommend, a perfect way for comic readers to be exposed to Golden Age type stories, while still remaining in the modern age of comics that we all know and love. This series is also great for comics noobs because it requires virtually no knowledge (so far at least) of previous Marvel continuity. For that very reason, this also makes this a great read for mainly or only DCers (I’m told that they apparently exist). So in short: Read this series! It gives you a great appreciation for comic history! Great for any comic reader who wants to visit comics when they were in their infant form, and for those who want a taste of something fresh in their modern day comics! (Now that I’m done sounding like an infomercial host, I’ll move on to my ending…)

Check back next week for reviews of Fantastic Four 554, Daredevil 104, and New Avengers 38!

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