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Review of Thor 5 (4 stars) February 9, 2008

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Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars

This issue starts, once again, showing the humorously clashing worlds of Oklahoma and Asgard. The mailbox and note were an insanely funny touch. This is one of the things I love about Straczynski’s writing: he knows when and how to use humor. Bendis occasionally gets his humor right, but Straczynski’s is always perfect. Even the title of this issue, “Special Delivery,” (which fits later on) usually has funny implications.

We then move on to Heimdall’s and Thor’s continued search for Asgardians, which has some more great art from Coipel, except on the very last panel of no dialogue, in which Coipel somehow managed to give Thor the face of a frog. 😐 Don’t get me wrong, I love Coipel’s work, but he must have sneezed while making this panel and forgot to fix it, or something, because I literally laughed out loud when I saw it. (Coming this summer by J. Michael Straczynski and Oliver Coipel: Is it Thor? Is it a frog? No its: THOG! Coming to rid the world of Asgardian flies at comic book store near YOU!)

After the Thog episode, we see a dungeon full of people presumably playing host to Asgardians. One of them looks strangely familiar (obviously wanting us and Thor to hope for Sif) before entering (*bum bum BUM!*) the DESTROYER! Now, since I made fun of Coipel, I have to be fair and make fun of Straczynski, the line “No… It cannot be… the DESTROYER walks!” I’m sorry, that sounds like something pulled straight out of the Lee/Kirby/Ditko era. When it is done on purpose for nostalgic reasons, it is usually fitting and funny, but it didn’t really fit here, and I don’t think Straczynski was aiming for nostalgia, so the line ended up sounding pretty cheesy.

Anyways, complaints aside, the fight scene was really cool, especially with Thor and Donald watching on from the Void, how exactly does that work? But anyone who may have thought this series had a slow pace should be pleased by this pretty awesome battle, especially with the great art at the end when Thor releases the Asgardians. And of course, said Asgardians all mysteriously vanish, except for Balder and ….. Loki v2.0! This was certainly an interesting twist, but Loki explains, and talks about how s/he wants change, and no longer wishes the sibling rivalry to continue, etc, and I must say I actually believed her. That is until the even bigger twist: not only has Loki tricked Thor into releasing the very people he was trying to release, she is in cahoots with Doom! That I did not see coming. It seems Doom is everywhere nowadays, and after the Mighty Avengers kick his butt, and the Fantastic Four kicked his future butt, I can’t wait to see how Thor kicks his butt. 😉

And of course, we end with the humorous scene of the Asgardians showing up for cake. So overall, despite a few minor complaints, this was a great issue, and I can’t wait for more.

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1. Brian - February 9, 2008

Thor was drawn like a frog…..lol. That is more humor. You know Thor was a frog once upon a time, right?

And the Asgardians are lost…again….what a new plot line. And the Destroyer is back…again…
And Loki is a she?

2. lotrking - February 10, 2008

Thor was seriously a frog once? Please don’t tell me that Sif had to kiss him to change him back… (Other background on this seemingly random story would be nice 😉 ).


3. Brian - February 11, 2008

Yep, Thor was a frog. Way back when, Odin dies ‘forever’, for the 4th or 5th time. The Asgard folks plan to have a metting to see who will rule. To stop Thor from showing up to the meeting, Loki turns Thor into a frog. Frog Thor has some adventures fighting rats and aligators, then breaks the spell a bit…and becomes Thor Frog(a humanoid frog). He naturaly makes it to Asgard. and gets his true form back.

As a funny…from time to time Thor will do something like talk to a frong or two…it remind people of this story.


4. lotrking - February 12, 2008

ROFL. Nice.


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