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Review of Silver Surfer: In Thy Name 4 (4.5 stars) February 8, 2008

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Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

A great ending to a great mini-series, Silver Surfer: In Thy Name 4 has an opening that echoes the opening from number 1. Norrin observes the complexities of even simple, nonessential life forms, and compares their actions to the actions of sentient life forms when confronted with the same emotion: terror. He hopes that by using Galactus (or rather, an astral squid beast pretending to be Galacuts), he can frighten the Ama and the Brekk into a peaceful coexistence. Of course, all does not go well. While the two warring parties seem to have reached a conclusion, this is but a ruse in attempt to trick Norrin. It is pretty disheartening to see Norrin’s own attempt at deceit for the betterment for two races met with more deceit, which leads to war. Of course, by the time Norrin discovers this it is too late.

This is perhaps what made this mini-series so great: it covered all of the view points. On one side, we have the religious Brekk, completely and unquestioningly devoted to their religion. Through them, we see get to see some atrocities that are committed in the name of their god (the Apex). On the other hand, we have the atheistic, socialistic, utopian Ama. Perhaps their philosophy is best stated by Koil himself: “Life’s about making everyone else live just like you… or not to live at all.” Through the Ama, we see equal atrocities committed in the name of Utopia, in the belief that their way is the most superior, and that all others should live their way of life, because it brings the most happiness. And of course, on the outside, we have Norrin Radd. He sees both sides, and he does not understand how they, while very different, cannot see the ironic similarities between their actions. Why can they not realize their differences, and agree to disagree, while coexisting? Does one or the other have to be right?

And of course we end with the reuniting of the mother and child astral squid beast, the one good thing that Norrin was able to accomplish. As Norrin himself says, this may only be a small thing when compared to the horrors of interplanetary warfare, but it matters. Even if he was not able to restore the happiness of two species, he was at least able to restore the happiness of two individuals, however insignificant they may seem. As Norrin leaves his large failure and small success behind him, he turns back once more to gaze upon that which he has done, before returning to the void.

Overall, this was a great issue and miniseries, some may have thought it boring due to its philosophical nature, but isn’t that really the core of Silver Surfer? To gaze upon the chaos that is the universe, and to question why? This is why the Silver Surfer appeals to me so much as a character, he wanders the cosmos, looking not for giant answers on the cosmic scheme of things (which is what I would probably do), but for the small answers on the microscopic scheme of things, and doing whatever he can to help better the universe, even if it is a small task, and even if he fails. And through all of this horror and wonder, he never loses his nobility. This series was a great look into his character, and I’m hoping that sales for this series, as well as Requiem, were high enough that he may finally get an ongoing series again, or at least fairly regular miniseries.

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