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Review of Daredevil 103 (2.5 stars) February 8, 2008

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Overall rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Not really much to comment on in this issue, it was a pretty good story, but seemed more of just a fill-in in this storyline, and continued more of what has already happened. So, perhaps I’ll just summarize it and see if any comments come to mind. Our story begins in the middle of a bad guy brawl, with Daredevil looking on in the shadows, hoping to gather info on Darth Fear’s whereabouts (still not giving up on that nickname!) Cut to Lily in the office with Algren and Foggy trying to cover for Milla by using her magic perfume (or something like that). Cut back to the Murdock residence where Milla is still going back and forth between being crazy and normal. Daredevil then visits Chico and Merv to find out the whereabouts of the villain equivalent of the Night Nurse in order to find Fancy Dan in order to find the Ox in order to find Darth Fear. (Lots of finding going on). In between this finding, fighting of all sorts ensues and we see that Lily is going to visit Milla (NOT a good idea). Finally, we end with the threat that DD will torture the Ox if necessary to find Darth Fear.

Well, looks like I didn’t really have much to say. 😐 Like I said, this issue wasn’t really spectacular, so much as just a rehashing of stuff that’s been done before, so read it only as part of this arc (which I’m still enjoying by the way, it was just this particular issue that was a little lackluster). Hopefully next issue will be better, and pick up the pace a bit.

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