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Secondary Reactions to LOST Season Four, Episode One: “The Beginning of the End” February 4, 2008

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Well, this time around I am watching it in segments then commenting on each one. Only a few questions from the first one: why is Hurley so afraid of Charlie’s specter that he would make a futile attempt to run away from the cops, wouldn’t simply leaving the store in a hurried manner have been enough to give Charlie the slip? And concerning Jack, does anyone else think he is simply becoming his father? (Especially when you consider the later flashforward from last season).

Ah yes, I’d forgotten the mention of Ana Lucia, just yet another odd coincidence of the characters being connected, as so often happens in this show. This of course leads to the question why did Hurley lie about her? Obviously it would have been painful to tell the truth, but is that only reason for not telling? Yet another thing we learn in this episode: Ben isn’t really Alex’s father, but that was fairly obvious, I never thought he was. I mean, if all women who get pregnant on the Island die, then Rousseau didn’t get pregnant on the Island, ergo not Ben. As for why he raised her on his own, that I suppose will be answered another day. I love how this shows emotions can be almost bipolar. Case in point: happy scene of Hurley doing a cannonball, immediately followed by him learning Charlie is (I still think isn’t!) dead. In most movies/shows this bipolar take doesn’t work to well with the audience, but I think it works almost perfectly in LOST.

So after the next little commercial break, we start with Hurley finally growing a backbone, by standing up to Sawyer and tossing the walkie out to sea. Nice. That was a scene I’ve been waiting for. Oh yeah, another thing I’d forgotten, who was the creepy Black lawyer guy? Is he somehow related to Ben’s off-Island organization? Or was he a part of Naomi’s group? Where did he want to take Hurley? I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him. We then go back to the Island, where Sawyer is being a nice guy for a change, before the startling appearance of Jacob’s cabin. Cue commercials.

Back on the Island, Kate was right and Naomi made a fake trail (who didn’t see that coming, you’d think Jack would trust Kate by now). Okay, so it was definitely Jack’s eye that Hurley saw, but there was someone sitting in the rocking chair, and call me crazy, but it looks like it may have been Jack’s father. 😐 Then again, that could just be a charade like the visions of Walt that various people have had on the Island.

Once we get back from commercials, Hurley and Locke have a talk, and then we meet up with the rest of the camp at a set piece we haven’t seen in awhile: the cockpit, perhaps one of the most fitting places to see the castaway’s reactions to Charlie’s apparent death. Claire’s was, of course, the saddest. 😦 Immediately afterwards, we get the still confusing appearance of the dead/not dead Charlie. And right before commercial, we learn that Jack really would have shot Locke; I won’t lie, I was surprised at that. I suppose we were lucky it was an empty gun.

In another flashforward, Hurley mentions something like “if I was gonna tell” while talking to Jack. This of course begs the question, what exactly is it that he can “tell” about? We also get “it’s doing everything it can to bring us back,” assuming he’s talking about the Island, we learn that it can still have influence in the rest of the world. And we end with another mysterious parachutist.

One last question: in the opening credits, it listed Harold Parrineau as being in this episode, but I don’t recall seeing him anywhere. Did anyone spot him?

Check back later for the next episode!




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