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Review of Thor 4 (4 stars) February 2, 2008

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Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I can’t really say anything about Coipel’s art that I haven’t already said. So pretty much it’s “Coipel’s art is perfect for Thor. See previous reviews for more details.”

Out story begins once more in the hotel in Oklahoma, back from our “field trip” last issue, where we meet the French Dr. Lereaux coming to take Dr. Blake on another “field trip” to the Sudan. We then get a piece of beautiful narration from Straczynski (and lettering from Eliopoulos!) It is narration like this, and the comments from last issue about Katrina, that make this book not only the most real-world consciences comic that I know of, but also one of the best books out there.

After this, we meet three interesting characters right before being thrown into the action of this issue. A young suicide bomber shows up, taking Dr. Lereaux with her. In the shock of the explosion members of the attacking Ngare tribe show up and the three earlier mentioned characters must defend the refugees alone, or so they think. We see Dr. Blake reaching for his walking stick and then (a very well placed two-page ad to build suspense) – Lightning! Thor kicks some major genocidal Ngare butt! This is the kind of stuff that hasn’t been in comics for years, the kind of stuff that is reminiscent of Captain America punching Hitler in the face. If political/societal commentary is half of what makes this book so considerate of the real world, kicking butt of real evildoers will be the other half.

So, after the Ngare are defeated, we find out the “real identity” of the three characters mentioned earlier: enter Fandral, Volstagg, and Hogun! These three gods, once reunited with Thor, express their concerns for the refugees, but the tribe leader points out that they must solve their problems on their own. This is where Thor buys them time by creating a boundary chasm (or border, as referenced in this issue’s title) around the village.

We end once again in Asgard as Volstagg laments how empty it is, and Thor comments on the urgency to find the rest of the Asgardians before their human hosts die, but also the need for caution to not unleash those who should remain hidden. Here is where Heimdall shows how he will help, as we lead into next issue…




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