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Initial Reactions to LOST Season Four, Episode One: “The Beginning of the End” February 1, 2008

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Welcome to the first of a new series of posts. I figured it was high time that I started using the “and Other Random Stuff” portion of my blog title, so here goes. In these particular posts, I’ll write my initial reactions to LOST episodes the day after they come out (or the evening of, if I have time), and I’ll watch them again on Monday, and share my secondary reactions.

So, we start with what looks at first to be a flashback, but is soon revealed to be a flashforward (or are we considering these scenes to be the present, and the island scenes to be flashbacks?) similar to last season’s finale. Given, this was only the first episode, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the format for all future episodes. That is, my guess is that flashforwards will now be replacing flashbacks. When you think about, it actually makes sense. We know a large amount about the characters’ pasts, and with the exception of any pre-Island relationship between Libby and Hurley, I think all of the “mysteries of the past” have been solved. At least none come to my mind anyway. Through this episode’s flashforwards we learn two things: one, Hurley changes his mind at some point in time and joins Jack; and two, he changes his mind again sometime before Jack does and wants to go back. So, from the flashforward, here are some obvious questions that need answers: Who are the Oceanic Six? Are we to assume this means that only six people left the Island? Do all six eventually regret their decision and want to return? Is Charlie dead, or not? If so, how did the other dude at the institution see him? Why is Hurley haunted by visions of Charlie’s death if he wasn’t there? As always with this show, only time will tell…

Meanwhile on the Island – Naomi’s people still aren’t who they say they are, Jack is too closed-minded to see this, Naomi’s people don’t rescue anyone and instead only parachute two people down, and Locke is still the most awesome person on the Island. More obvious questions that need answers: Why could Hurley see Jacob’s cabin? Did we see Jacob’s or Locke’s eye? Did we see Jacob at all last night? And of course, who is Jacob anyway? Continuing, who are Naomi’s people? How do they know about Penny and Desmond? Why do they want to know about the island? And, perhaps most important, why does Ben fear them so much?

My Theories – Charlie is not dead! I’m calling this now! Proof? Did we actually see Locke die? Is he dead? Did we actually see Charlie die? Ergo…
Jacob is the Island, the black smoke monster, and the visions of dead people (and still alive in the case of Walt) that various people have seen, all combined into one entity.
Jacob has chosen Locke as his new “prophet” because Ben has become too selfish.

More on Monday!




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