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Review of Captain America 34 (4.5 stars) January 30, 2008

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Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Epting’s art continues to be great, definitely one of the best artists in the industry, and he couldn’t be working on a better book. Epting was born to draw this series, it is that perfect of a match. I loved the first splash page when we finally see New Cap in costume. If they do a second printing variant, that should be the cover, I might buy it just for that cover. The Captain America in action sequences were just awesome, one of the best fight scenes I’ve seen in awhile.

As for the actual story, Brubaker nears perfection. The tie-in of the “real world” events, along with the evolving mystery of Skull’s plan makes this one of the best overall stories I have read in a comic. I also love how Tony and Natasha respect the symbol of Captain America so much that they are willing to break the law. It makes me wonder if they would have behaved differently in Civil War if they knew it would come to this.

So after the news sequence and the helicopter sequence, we come to the good part: engaging the enemy. Following the thrown shield being a harbinger, finally: enter the new Captain America! (Not to mention, entering with a Spidey-esque quip!) The fight scene was both well written and (as mentioned before) well drawn, definitely the best Cap kicking butt scene since Civil War 1 (even if it was a different Cap). Also, the use of the controversial gun fit naturally into the scene; it wasn’t there to kill, and it also seemed necessary instead of just senseless “shoot until I hit something.”

During this, we also get an all too real look at a politician being just that: a politician. Even with Tony Stark, director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Iron Man, and an Avenger, warning him of what is happening, he denies it, and then yells at him later on for not talking enough! And then of course, we move on to the shocking finale, and phase two of the Skull’s plan as the Boston Massacre (only in D.C. (the city, not the comic book company)) happens all over again. Definitely a great ending, intended to latch onto all the readers who picked this up just because it premiered new Cap!

So overall, a great issue, a necessity to pick up! Not just for collectors purposes (this’ll probably be worth quite a bit some years down the road…), but just because it was a great issue. Anyone who feared this book might suffer from a lack of Rogers: your fears should have just been alleviated.

Bonus: LOST Easter Egg: page 14, second panel: “Dr. Jack Shephard. The LOST… are found. Details can be found at Find815.com” as a subtitle on a news report. This of course begs the question, is the 616 universe one of the universes where the characters from LOST exist? Or is this perhaps an alternate reality (aka 616 reality) Dr. Jack Shephard? Hopefully, time will tell…




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