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Sequel to My Cancellation Letter to Marvel January 24, 2008

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Here is another letter that I have written to Marvel, please feel free to use any portions of it that you wish in your own letters to Marvel. I realize a few things I said in this letter were also said in my previous letter, but I highly doubt someone at Marvel is going to read this and think “Oh I remember this guy! Didn’t he mention that last time? He’s being a bit superfluous, I think…” Let’s all do what we can to abolish the horrific One More Day/Brand New Day!

January 24, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

This is the second in a series of letters informing various members of Marvel Entertainment why I have cancelled my Spider-Man subscription and what it will take for me to resubscribe. With Amazing Spider-Man 545, Joe Quesada and J. Michael Straczynski not only erased my favorite fictional marriage and my favorite part of the Spider-Man comics, but they also made an immense change to the last twenty years of Spider-Man comics. I realize that in interviews, Joe Quesada has said that very little changes were made, the only major change being that the marriage never happened and that the unmasking was forgotten, supposedly, everything else is pretty much the same. This is completely false, and was simply Joe Quesada trying to assuage angered fans by telling them what they wanted to hear. If everything is for the most part the same, then Harry Osborn would be dead. Even if he had somehow still lived, why would he not still be married to his wife, Liz, whom he loved dearly? Would he have abandoned her and his son? Why would Peter still be supportive of Harry if he had abandoned his own son? If the answer is that Harry never had a son, then this is the major retcon that Joe Quesada purported to have never happened. Likewise, why are the webshooters back? Why is Aunt May’s house still in tact? What happened to all the money Peter had in his bank account before the Civil War? How is it that people like Daredevil and Wolverine have never figured out his identity? Are you retconning their powers away too? If the answer to all this is “it’s magic, we don’t have to explain it,” then you are insulting the intelligence of every Spider-Man reader out there. If you want your readers to have the intelligence of a second grader, I sincerely hope that every reader with an intelligence level above that stops reading and readership goes down by the tens of thousands, and I will be extremely vocal about this, and encourage all readers who feel the same to do the same.

Not only have you retconned away many of the important events mentioned above, but you also retconned away Peter’s sense of responsibility (which I still feel is the main theme of the series, despite tireless propaganda that the theme is youth; I have read every issue of Amazing Spider-Man, and I’ve always felt it was about responsibility, not youth). How? You claim that while Peter and MJ never got married, the stories mostly remained the same by saying they still deeply loved each other, just never married. First, aside from responsibility, Joe Quesada is contradicting himself here. In One More Day, Mephisto says that it is not the “wide brush strokes” that make major changes in one’s life, but rather the “tiniest of lines.” By this definition, something as “tiny” as not getting married should have had huge ramifications on the timeline, thus making major changes to the story. Joe Quesada has claimed that these major changes did not happen. So which is true, and at which point did Joe Quesada lie? Second, by saying that the story mostly remained the same, you are saying that Peter and MJ deeply loved each other, went through many trials together, almost had a child together before it died, and professed on many occasions that they loved each other “more than life itself” without ever getting married? I emphasize the part where they almost had a child together, are you telling me and thousands of readers that if Peter had gotten Mary Jane pregnant he would not have done the responsible thing and married her? This does not only make him completely lacking in responsibility, but it also makes him a jerk, one that I have no interest in reading about. This also changes Aunt May’s character; you don’t think she would have pushed Peter to marry MJ if MJ was pregnant? She would have just let her “innocent nephew” continue support MJ and their love child without encouraging them to get married? This is folly! This is major recharacterization we’re talking about here! Of course, maybe the pregnancy was retconned, but what happened to the part where only minor changes were made? No matter what angle it is taken from, Joe Quesada has lied to and insulted the readers, and yet you continue to encourage us to read the series from which the lies and insults spring forth? Nay, you encourage us to read them three times a month!

Not only are One More Day and Brand New Day sources of lies and insults, but they are complete failures. These steps were taken to attract younger, new readers, and set Spider-Man up for the next generation, no? I am nineteen years old, and I have been reading comics for less than a year, and in the space of one single issue, I have no desire to read Spider-Man, and I will not do so until the marriage is replaced AND the retcon is undone. I may return if one of the two happen, but it would depend on how it happened. I will certainly go online to find out what is happening in the comics, but this will only be so I can stay up to date in future letters to you and to know when and if the retcon is undone. So here is one young, new reader that is absolutely disgusted that you have removed my absolute favorite element of Spider-Man stories: the beautifully written marriage.

As I mentioned before, I have read every issue of Amazing Spider-Man, but this is through the DVD-ROM from GitCorp containing all the issues. (Unfortunately future DVD-ROMs similar to this one will never be made, because you have cancelled your contract with GitCorp, yet another insult to customers. Don’t try to sell your Online Unlimited comics crap to me, I hate the format of them, and they don’t have any of the original ads, letters pages, bullpen bulletins etc. Where do you think I learned so much Marvel history? From reading these letters pages and bullpen bulletins. Here is yet another way Marvel won’t be getting money from me: the only digital comics I’m investing in will come from GitCorp.) So perhaps because I have read them all, you may not consider me new to comics, but wasn’t that the whole purpose of those DVD-ROMs? To let reader new and old to get acquainted with the history of their favorite heroes? So if you don’t consider me new to comics, that is yet another form of lying.

Bring back the Peter/MJ marriage!

A disgusted reader,

[signed my real name]
aka “LOTRKing” on the Marvel.com forums

I sent it to the following:

Marvel Subscriptions
PO Box 110
Newburgh, NY 12550

Marvel Entertainment, Inc.
417 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10016


Dan Buckley
c/o Marvel Comics
417 5th Avenue
New York City, New York 10016

Joe Quesada
c/o Marvel Comics
417 5th Avenue
New York City, New York 10016

Steve Wacker
c/o Marvel Comics
417 5th Avenue
New York City, New York 10016


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1. Master Jimmy - September 8, 2009

Hey m’man,

I can certainly understand this reaction. Often when off-character things happen at my D&D game table I feel similarly. The point being: “Listen, I understand we’re talking about the land of fairies and elves here, but can we all agree on believable events within that context?” However, while I do believe your heart’s in the right place, I also think the foundation of what’s angering you is a little off.

To illustrate the point, let’s discuss Lucas’ reworking of the original Star Wars films. I spent a lot of time discussing this with people as angry as you are about how that was being handled. But my conclusion was that it wasn’t the reworking which was angering people, but the fact that Lucas decided to call the new work “definitive”—removing the originals from manufacture. He has since corrected the error, packaging both together at purchase, and had he done this originally… I think there would have been no argument at all.

My advice? Dude, Joe Quesada cannot erase from your memory Peter Parker’s marriage to Mary Jane Watson, nor can he cause those comics to vanish. They’re in your collection, and always will be. Enjoy them at your leisure. If Quesada has an idea for a Spider-Man story with requires some retcons, well, he’s probably put a lot of care into that story. Give it a chance and it may surprise you!

Master Jimmy

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