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Review of Thor 3 (4.5 stars) January 23, 2008

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Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

So, only three issues in, and this is probably my new favorite series. Coipel’s art is insanely great again. My favorite page this time is right before the Iron Man/Thor fight where Thor says “IS IT?” That definitely needs to be made into a wallpaper. Also, the devastation scenes were particularly poignant.

So, the story. I may not like the part that Straczynski played in One More Day, but you have to admit, the dude is one of the best writers that Marvel’s got. (I hold up Silver Surfer: Requiem as further proof). The story starts by giving us a brief history lesson about the original Orleans, and then contrasting the benefits the old Orleans had over New Orleans. The narrator (we have yellow narration boxes again! I’d almost forgotten what those were!) then asks where the heroes were during Katrina. A good question really, it sounds like they were off fighting Civil War, but who knows? Either way, this issue does a pretty good examination of the aftermath of Katrina. In fact, I would go so far to say that this is almost a “Black Issue” version of Katrina. (Which, funnily enough, Straczynski wrote the Black Issue too, just goes to show the guy isn’t insensitive about what is going on in the real world).

Then of course we move on to the Iron Man/Thor fight. Not much to talk about there. ….. Wait, only one of the best fight scenes of all time! (Or perhaps one of the best butt-kicking scenes of all time, as Iron Man didn’t put up much of a fight!) Any proof you need that Thor is one of the most insanely awesome heroes of all time can be found in this scene. Seriously, Iron Man’s butt got kicked so badly that I almost (key word: almost) felt sorry for him. I kinda wish Iron Man would antagonize him further so he would have fought for (what was left of) the resistance, maybe then we would finally see the abolishment of the SHRA. But the taste of what would have happened was enough for me. I also loved the insult to injury that Thor added by making Tony walk. In his armor, that surely wasn’t easy.

And finally we get the return of Heimdall. Personally, I find it pretty cool that the Asgardians have all bonded with humans of similar nature. It will be interesting to see who is where, and whom they’ve bonded with. The only thing I’m wondering is that guy Ezra dead now? It never really showed, but he was left lying on the ground. I hope he isn’t, cause that would suck for that little girl. 😐

Anyway, another great issue, this series could easily be the best that Marvel is putting out.




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