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Review of Mighty Avengers 7 (3 stars) January 22, 2008

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Overall rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Well, Bagley’s art is not as good as Cho’s, but it was still pretty darn good. It was a little cartoony looking in some places, but for the most part it was easy on the eyes and lifelike. My favorite panels were the silhouettes of the Avengers, with Captain America in the background, the new Mighty Avengers Assemble end page, and, of course, the symbiote splash page.

Overall, it was a fairly interesting story, but to anyone who reads New Avengers, there was nothing new here at all, it only showed stuff that we knew was going to happen. Jessica’s character was very well written, and well used, in my opinion. Tony knows that Jessica knows how to lie, and her flawless playing of the charade when she was introduced to the rest of the Avengers is evidence of that. Though by far, the best (and funniest) scenes were Jan’s introduction of Simon’s potential new costumes (Finally! His old one sucked horribly!) and the attack of the fearsome symbiote baby! That part just made me laugh out loud, it was like a scene from a bad horror movie. (*in deep announcer voice* Coming next summer: Attack of the Killer Alien Babies! The offspring attack!)

The two problems I had with the story: one, as I mentioned, everything that happened was already known about through New Avengers, but two, how did Tony know there is a Skrull on the team? I mean, it makes sense from a story point of view that someone is a Skrull, but certainly there is nothing that would alert Tony to this, that is like someone in a horror movie knowing that someone is about to die because they can hear scary music playing, it just wouldn’t make sense. So unless I missed something, Tony seems to have jumped to conclusions pretty quickly: “Skrulls are invading! There must be one on my team!” “What makes you say that?” “It would help the story to progress.”

Of course, this does beg the question, who is it?

Tony – very unlikely, as it would seem a huge cop out after everything that has happened in Civil War.

Carol – maybe, I’m not too familiar with her as a character, but seeing as she has her own book right now, I wouldn’t bet on it.

Jan – quite possibly, she rescued Ares last issue at her own risk, and while this may have been done out of nobility, it could also have been done to gain their trust. Also, how do we know that Simon’s new costume isn’t taking readings on him and/or learning how his power works a la the Iron Spider costume?

Simon – another pretty good possibility, for someone who seemed to really want to go into acting and abandon being an Avenger, he seemed to give up his plans to become an Avenger pretty quick.

Natasha – unlikely, she’s been appearing in Captain America too much, and unless Marvel is playing a big hoax on us, Cap’s book won’t tie in to Secret Invasion. (Unless Red Skull is really Red Skrull, wouldn’t that be a shocker?)

Jessica – who knows? Her character is so complicated, anything is possible.

Ares – not likely, choosing him as an Avenger came out of nowhere, so I really don’t think the Skrulls would have known to pick him as their spy.

Lindy – very possible, her actions in the last two issues have seemed pretty Skrully, but that in and of itself makes me want to doubt whether or not she is a Skrull. Unless of course The Sentry really DID kill her way back when (remember, that’s why he was at the Raft) and the Lindy that’s been around since he left the Raft is a Skrull.

Jarvis – unlikely, he is in a good position to be the spy, but unless he was very recently replaced, his affections for Aunt May would seem to signify he is not a Skrull. (Or did these affections ever happen now? I hate One More Day!)

The Sentry – gets my vote. Keep in mind, Secret Invasion started all the way back in New Avengers #1. Who was the dude in the shadows? Why did he want a breakout in the first place? To breakout their agent that they knew they superheroes would take in as one of their own? Possibly. I think he may be a sleeper agent though, and not even know he is a Skrull. His mind is so messed up, that it wouldn’t surprise me.

Just my theories. 😉




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