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Review of Daredevil Annual 2007 (4 stars) January 19, 2008

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Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The art was pretty good, it looked a lot like Lark’s art, which as I’ve mentioned before, really fits the tone of the story. Actually, the only art that I didn’t like was the cover art. Don’t get me wrong, Djurdevic looks as great as his work always does, I didn’t like the cover because for two reasons. One, it gives away that DD and Black Tarantula were going to fight, something that was not obvious in the story until it actually happened. Two, said foreshadowed fight consisted of BT knocking DD out with one punch, it took up a grand total of one frame. So not only did we know a fight was coming, but the “fight” was extremely lame. Still, this is a fairly minor point, as the art and story were overall very good.

Our story starts with something that I have not seen in comics in quite awhile: our hero is sick, yet still performing his job. While this has been done before, it is always interesting to see how it will be used each time. It of course, leads to him getting some very accidental, yet very important information while resting in a confessional booth (is that what they are called? I’m not Catholic, so I wouldn’t know). Seriously, how many heroes can say the got a tip while in confessional? That’s pretty cool. Cut to the Black Tarantula’s prison release. I didn’t really know what his current status was at this point, but I’m glad to see he’s back in comics, he always was kind of interesting. Also, he seems to want to try going straight, yet another thing that is always fun to watch villains try to do.

The many crime elements in this issue were a bit of a breath of fresh air in a comics world that sometimes seems to be too much of “Stop the super villain from executing his evil plan! And/or we have to save the world from impending doom!” While these elements usually make for a great story, some just plain street crime can be a great bit of variety. And of course, a huge part of this element was the mystery of the confessor, and the murder he was involved in. This issue was a great blend of BT readapting to the world, while having clues be presented to solve the mystery. This really seemed to be more of a detective story than a superhero story, and I liked it! As a noob to Daredevil, I hope this title has many more issues like this.

As for the ending, we now have another anti-hero like the Punisher to add to the roster of crime-fighters, I hope we see more of Black Tarantula in the future.

Check back next week for another angry letter to Marvel about One More Day/Brand New Day, a review of Thor 3, and (hopefully) a review of Mighty Avengers 7!




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