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Review of Amazing Spider-Man 547 (2.5 stars) January 19, 2008

Posted by lotrking in Comic Book Reviews.
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Overall rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Art first (as usual). Steve McNiven’s art continues to be awesome; he is probably my favorite comic book artist, I was very glad to see him finally draw Spidey in uniform. What makes his art so good? One, it is just plain amazing (no pun intended), two, it is probably some of the most lifelike art in comics. There is not a shred of cartooniness in his work. I really wish Marvel used him more often. Still, awesome art does not a good story make, which leads to my next section…..

The story! It was better than last issue, but still not that good. It wasn’t horrible though either. The second “kiss” scene was certainly funny, even if it was in a serious part, and Spidey saving the chubby villain dude before he literally bled dry was a little intense, but those were really the only highlights of the story. What of the ending? Personally I would have preferred if Peter died, then I wouldn’t have to worry about this horrible post-OMD world. (He died to me in 545 anyway). You know what really upsets me the most about this issue? Expect for a few points that aren’t too plot-essential anyway, there is nothing that couldn’t have happened in this issue if Peter was still married. Quesada promises us that the stories are going to be so much better now that Peter is single, and the marriage was a cancer to this series, etc, etc, but if someone could point out anything in this issue that requires a single Spidey, that a married Spidey can’t do, I think they deserve a No-Prize. So far, JQ is just being shown as being full of crap. I’m glad this is the last issue in my subscription, and unless OMD is undone in the near future, I definitely will not be picking up this book any time soon. Way to alienate one of the young, new readers you are supposedly trying to gain JQ!

Make Mine Marvel …… when JQ is retconned!




1. raypalmer - January 19, 2008

So even though the story had some intense moments, a funny opening, a good ending, and art you really like, you’re giving it a bad score?

And the reason you’re giving it a bad score is not because of anything the issue, the creative team, or editorial team did, but because of something the LAST creative team and editorial team did in the last storyline?

It sound like you wanted to give another bad score to One More Day. And you’re determined to give a bad score to Brand New Day because of OMD. What score would you give this issue if it existed in a vacuum?

2. lotrking - January 20, 2008

The same score. As I said, the only good parts were the opening scene and the saving the gangster guy scene. The ending didn’t phase me at all. Also, just because the art was good, doesn’t mean the issue was good. That is like saying if a movie has extremely good special effects, it must be a good movie. Not true. (Example: Dragon Wars *shudder*)


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