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Review of Thor 2 (4.5 stars) January 14, 2008

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Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Another victory for Thor! This was just another great issue. Coipel’s art continues to amaze me. His town art seems to capture the essence of a small Oklahoma town, while his Asgard art perfectly captures the majesty and splendor of the home of the Norse gods. But I think my favorite part was the storm art. Living in Kansas, I’ve seen those kinds of storms before and Coipel did his research well, it looked both terrifying and majestic (as all storm clouds do).

Kudos to Eliopoulos again for his great lettering. I also loved the sound effects in this issue; it really helped add to the movie feel.

The actual story itself was just perfect, this whole issue gave off a real movie vibe; I almost forgot I was reading a comic. I especially loved all of the contrasts between Oklahoma and Asgard. The best part has got to be when Thor is walking through the streets of Asgard for the first time, and reminiscing of days past, when all of the sudden we are interrupted by a honking horn. I almost laughed out loud at that part. Had there been a soundtrack, this would have been where emotional, sad music would have been playing, and then stopped with a record screeching sound when the horn went off. The next scene is great too. A cop telling Thor to move Asgard? And then Thor lifting Asgard off the ground that he is not allowed to build on? That was just too well written, a great comedic scene. (Not to mention the treasure scene as well!) Then on to the serious ending, we get Thor leaving on his quest to find the Norse gods. This series is quickly converting me to how awesome Thor is. I always imagined his character would be a little cheesy to read about, because of the way I have heard him speak in other comics, but if the next issues continue to be this good, Thor could easily become my favorite comic.




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