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Review of The Twelve 1 (4 stars) January 12, 2008

Posted by lotrking in Comic Book Reviews.
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Overall rating: (4 out of 5 stars)

This was a pretty darn good issue, especially for the being the first in a series, and the first to feature these characters in over sixty years. The art was great, it was very old-school looking, which of course fit the theme and tone of the book.

The story itself was also quite good, and it definitely had that “old-school 40s feel,” especially with the Phantom Reporter’s narration, it kind of sounded like one of those “private eye” narrations that are so overdone in comedies, but it actually sounded good this time. The introductions of the various characters were short enough not to take up to much of the story, but long enough for us to get a feel of who they are. One thing I’m wondering about the intros, what is the deal with Electro? P.R. mentioned more than once that he was creeped-out by the robot, and twice throughout the issue, we have single panels that feature only the offline robot. Obviously, Electro will reboot at some point in time, (there is no point in him being in this series otherwise), but what trouble we he bring when this happens? Who will be controlling him? Time will tell I suppose… Another character I wonder about is Rockman, we are quickly told that he may not be completely “together” and that his “civilization” might not exist, but what if it does? Might he be part of the group of underdwellers that are later taken over by Mole Man?

Moving on to the present, I have to completely agree with the general, reviving these heroes is one of the best ways to put some new blood (or would that be old blood?) into the superhero community. From a story point of view, this is going to be really interesting, as we practically get to see a “Captain America” situation all over again, only with twelve people this time, and written in the modern day, not the sixties. That alone will promise to make this a very good series. Just a quick insert, I loved the quick comedic scene with “I’ve never seen you without your mask before,” followed by P.R. using a makeshift napkin mask. That really felt like something that could have come straight out of a 40s comic book.

My comment on the ending: Never fear Blue Blade fans! (If there are any). He is not dead! Don’t believe me? Take a close look at the final page, and you will see that two very important things are definitely missing. One, examine the Blue Blade’s clothing very closely. Do you see any bullet holes anywhere? Two, examine the ground surrounding him, do you see any blood anywhere? I thought not. No bullet hole, no blood, ergo, not dead, or at least, not shot anyway. If he is dead, it wasn’t from P.R.’s gun, or any gun for that matter.

Check back next week for reviews of Thor 2, Amazing Spider-Man 547, Daredevil Annual 2007, and (hopefully) Mighty Avengers 7!




1. dylan555 - January 15, 2008

There hasn’t been a part of the new Thor series that I haven’t enjoyed yet. It’s really well done.

2. lotrking - January 15, 2008

I’m assuming you meant to put this comment in my review of Thor 2. Correct? 😐

3. dylan555 - January 16, 2008

Yes I did and I’m confused at how it ended up here. Sorry about that.

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