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Review of Silver Surfer: In Thy Name 3 (4 stars) January 10, 2008

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Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Finally! I really enjoyed the art in this issue! I’m not sure if the colors are bleeding together less, or if Huat modified his style slightly, or if I am just finally getting used to his style, but for the first time in this mini-series, I can honestly say I really enjoyed the art! Really though, I think it is the colors, the last two issues, everything just kind of bled together, boundaries weren’t defined all too well. But I didn’t have any moments of confusion this time round, so that counts as a good thing in my book! 😉 My favorite art was the war splash page, it just looked so unearthly and exotic, as good sci-fi should. The whole issue had this look as well, which is why I enjoyed the art, but the splash page seemed to exhibit it extremely well.

This story, which has been pretty good the last two issues, got much better. It was much more philosophical, which the Silver Surfer often seems to be about (the provocative kind of philosophical, not the boring kind.) 😉 Actually, the main thing I’m not getting is why they are trying to make it blatantly obvious that SS is a Christ figure, maybe I’ll get it by the end of the series. But, moving right along…

One of the most interesting parts of this story (except for the philosophy) is the “Astral Squid Beast,” I hope at some point in time we can learn more about this creature. (Of course, wanting more has been my major reaction to this story so far, maybe if this sells well and since SS:Requiem sold well, we might FINALLY get another ongoing SS series. One can only hope…) But as I was saying, a creature that dwells mostly in the astral plane and only partially in the real world (kind of the opposite of us) is a very interesting concept. Is there more of this species? (Except for its child of course). How did it evolve? Like I said, stuff I’d really like to learn eventually.

Another new bit that this issue brought up for me, is that the origin of the Power Cosmic is from the astral plane. Being somewhat new to comics, this may be a revelation only to me. If it is not, this certainly is an interesting new bit of information, as Silver Surfer always seemed to me to be grounded more in science, whereas the astral plane seems more magic. Nonetheless, it is a very interesting blend of the two.

As for the Brekk/Ama conflict, it was great to see the light and darkness in either side. For the most part up until now, the Ama have seemed the dictatorial attempt at a utopia (not too unlike Soviet Russia, back in the day), while the Brekk seemed the poor, defenseless, religionists. It turns out the Ama may actually have a reason for their dislike of the Brekk, as the Brekk are not as righteous as they would seem. So, all-in-all, it makes for a great religious mystery, add that to Galactus’ appearance at the end of the issue, and I can’t wait to see how it is all resolved next time.




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