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Review of Daredevil 101 (4 stars) January 10, 2008

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Overall rating: 4 out 5 stars

I’m starting to really warm up to Lark’s art, as I said last time, in works great in Daredevil, though I may not like it if it was outside of Daredevil. The Daredevil in the hospital scene was definitely the best sequence, it was one of the best conveyances of the story that I have seen art do in a long time. It seemed to be portrayed more by real actors than by drawings. Kudos to you Lark for showing some great emotion in the characters! I’ll get to why that was an awesome part in the story in a bit though…

In terms of story, this arc is truly awesome; it feels like “Back In Black – the way it should have been done!” Daredevil is fighting for sake of someone he deeply loves, and he is going through just about anyone to save her. It’s great to see that Marvel hasn’t gotten rid of every marriage that shows two people deeply in love, cause we “know how horrible those are in terms of story.” *sigh* The flashbacks were also very well used, it kind of lets you know where the issue was going before it really began, which of course sets us up for the final page surprise (I’ll touch on that later).

But as I said earlier, the best scene is easily the hospital at night. Instead of spending the night patrolling the streets, Matt decides to do what is truly best for his wife: being with her. This is one of the best written scenes I have read in a long time, even if it is only three pages, the tenderness that Matt shows to his mentally suffering wife is waaaay more “heartwarming” than any of the One More Day crap (more like “heartsickening” that stuff is). If this marriage continues (and I really hope it does, hopefully Joephisto won’t pay a visit over here) it just may fill my huge gaping hole where the Peter/MJ marriage used to be.

One complaint about this issue: we found out who the “exploding man” was too soon. I would have loved it see to become a major mystery, as last issue hinted it might be. But the revelation moved the story forward, so I suppose it wasn’t too bad.

Of course the most unexpected part: the end! The Hood? Seriously? I never saw that coming. It’s great to see some writers actually care about continuity. It never even occurred to me that the Hood would care that Darth Fear didn’t join his gang, but looks like Brubaker was paying attention to New Avengers, and he is actually trying to establish continuity. (Now if only we could get other writers to follow his example…) I’d really like to see this lead to seeing the New Avengers in DD’s book, or vice versa, so I suppose I’ll just have to hold my breath and wait…




1. Gloria - January 10, 2008

Ah, Ah… You’re already hooked! ;D

Yes, I like that Brubaker is fond of to use continuity… I mean, not pointless continuity, but the constnuity that gives substance to a character and stories.

And yes, Lark is great: he’s good at drawing spectacular action scenes which look also very believable, in realistic terms, but he also excells at more intimate, quiet moments.

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