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Review of New Avengers Annual 2008 (4 stars) January 31, 2008

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Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Yes! New Avengers art that I can enjoy! The females actually had different faces! Fight scenes were weren’t confusing! My eyes didn’t want to bleed with every new page! I’m insanely glad to see someone who isn’t Yu doing art. (Too bad he’s doing Secret Invasion. 😦 I hope the females are in costume all the time, or I won’t know who is who). Not to mention the fact that Pagulayan had some pretty awesome art. This one issue makes me want to rank him with McNiven, Coipel, and Epting; I seriously hope we see more of his work in the future. If I could pick anything, I think he should draw a Dr. Strange series. (Of course we would need one first, but that’s the point. 😉 ) I think the big red magic-y splash page is good justification for that.

Bendis continues to spin a pretty good yarn. Tigra reappears, so we know that The Hood actually follows through on threats (in case any of us actually doubted that). And Night Nurse is back (almost thought Bendis forgot about her). Nice to see he actually has plans for the characters he uses, and doesn’t just throw them in randomly.

Then of course we see that The Hood’s magic seeing trumps Dr. Strange’s magic hiding spell. I’m beginning to wonder if there is anything the Hood can’t do. (Not complaining though, an uber-powerful villain often leads to a more interesting story). Following this, Spidey blows their cover, and we get a classic Spidey moment where his first impression is to save the baby, at least he still remembers how to make a responsible choice. (And here I thought I’d get through this without mentioning OMD). Next we get the showdown. Cap 34 delivered a great (almost) solo fight, and this gives us a double dose with an awesome team fight (way better than last issue’s, maybe because it was easier to see). My surprise: Wong can kick butt! Who saw that coming? I’ve gained some new respect for this background character! (Well, maybe anyway, see below). And of course, Dr. Strange kicks some serious butt with his magic (as is always the case, villains seriously believe they have a chance against a team with Strange? What are they smoking?), which was, of course, awesome, but also prompts the question of why this magic made him look like a Red Hulk wannabe? (Or maybe he is the Red Hulk! Joking, of course.) This leads to the sad moment where Dr. Strange leaves the team (and leaves the door wide open for a solo series! Hint, hint, Marvel!). While I still plan on reading this series, this really saddens me because Spider-Man and Strange were the main reasons I started reading this series, and now Strange is gone, and Spider-Man is dead to me after One More Day (Dang! Mentioned it again!). We also (maybe) gained Tigra as a team member. Mehh, whatever, not a big fan of her, but I don’t hate her either.

And finally the dramatic end: The Hood hatches (yet another) master plan with help from his as yet unnamed demon friend (you’d think villains would learn by now that master plans never work) and Jessica decides to sign the SHRA. Bet that’ll make Luke just a tad peeved. So not much closure to this storyarc, but a great lead into the next one.

Bonus: LOST Easter Egg: page 20, panels one and four: The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are using an incognito Oceanic Airlines truck. Along the lines of my Cap review, does Oceanic really exist in the 616 universe? Perhaps LOST is just a show there as well, and someone at S.H.E.I.L.D. was a fan and had a sense of humor? I seriously hope there is some resolution to this, so LOST nerds like me don’t have to keep trying to fit this all together.

Finally, part two of my Skrull theories, the New Avengers edition!

Luke – really don’t see him being a Skrull, he has been way too suspicious, and perhaps has had the most anti-Skrull sentiments out of anyone on this team. The only way I could see him being a Skrull is if he is being very anti-Skrull just to throw everyone off.

Dr. Strange – I highly doubt it, for three reasons. One, he’s Sorcerer Supreme! I realize Skrull mimicking technology has gotten pretty darn good since their last encounter with humanity, but I really don’t think it is to the point where they can impersonate the powers of the Sorcerer Supreme. Two, it looks like he just left the team, so he probably won’t be around for Secret Invasion (I can see him coming back at the very end to help though). Three, the Illuminati already had one Skrull, I really don’t see the purpose of the Skrulls planting two there.

Wolverine – also unlikely. One, he’s got his own book and is a part of the X-Men, and neither look like they will tie in to Secret Invasion. Two, if the Skrulls could recreate his healing powers, why not apply those powers to every Skrull that is a part of the upcoming invasion and have an unstoppable army? So unless Bendis plans to have the Skrulls win (boy, wouldn’t that be unexpected?), I really don’t see this as an option.

Iron Fist – possible. Someone pointed out that his was the only symbiote to turn green during the Venom Virus, but this could also be explained by the fact that his costume is mostly green (and has been since long before Secret Invasion). Also, he has his own book, and it doesn’t look like it will tie into Secret Invasion either. Then again, he referred to someone else trying to tap into the Iron Fist powers. Perhaps that was really the Skrull trying to find out how to block the real Rand from doing so?

Echo – also possible. Pretty secretive past, and she was connected to the Avengers previously, so she would have been a good target for a Skrull spy. Her powers also seem like they would be one of the easiest to mimic. However, she could just as easily not be a Skrull, since her killing Elektra was what started the whole Skrull revelation anyway.

Ronin – I doubt it. One, I think that I remember Marvel officially announcing that he is NOT a Skrull, and even if I remember incorrectly, I think the fact that so many suspect him of being a Skrull would be a good reason for him not to be.

Spider-Man – I really wish he was. But I sincerely doubt it. ‘Nuff said.

Tigra – maybe, but she doesn’t seem important enough to be replaced by a Skrull, and she seemed to care too much for the safety of her family when the Hood threatened her. A real Skrull wouldn’t care.

Jessica Jones – Possible. I think it would be interesting if she was a Skrull in hiding that didn’t want to be a Skrull. This would be why she could have genuinely fallen in love with Luke, and also be so protective of the baby, because if anyone found out it was half Skrull, people wouldn’t want it around. I think we’ll have to take the wait and see approach with her.

Baby Danielle – unless she is half Skrull as mentioned above, I really don’t see a way the Skrulls could have placed her as a spy. Jessica has been guarding her too closely. What about the green eye thing, you say. Maybe Marvel just wanted to throw us off? It’s called unpredictable story telling…

Wong – gets my vote. Several reasons. One, he was the only one in this list of people (with the exception of Tigra) who wasn’t subjected to either of Dr. Strange’s spells. Two, why was he so desperate to keep people out of the kitchen? His Skrully secret hide-out maybe? Three, it would be the perfect position to spy on one of Earth’s most powerful men (literally) who also happens to be in the Illuminati. And four, since when can he kick butt? While that scene was cool, it just seemed a bit out of character to me. (Also, it would give a reason for Dr. Strange to re-enter the game, something we already know is going to happen at some point).

More reviews later!



Review of Captain America 34 (4.5 stars) January 30, 2008

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Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Epting’s art continues to be great, definitely one of the best artists in the industry, and he couldn’t be working on a better book. Epting was born to draw this series, it is that perfect of a match. I loved the first splash page when we finally see New Cap in costume. If they do a second printing variant, that should be the cover, I might buy it just for that cover. The Captain America in action sequences were just awesome, one of the best fight scenes I’ve seen in awhile.

As for the actual story, Brubaker nears perfection. The tie-in of the “real world” events, along with the evolving mystery of Skull’s plan makes this one of the best overall stories I have read in a comic. I also love how Tony and Natasha respect the symbol of Captain America so much that they are willing to break the law. It makes me wonder if they would have behaved differently in Civil War if they knew it would come to this.

So after the news sequence and the helicopter sequence, we come to the good part: engaging the enemy. Following the thrown shield being a harbinger, finally: enter the new Captain America! (Not to mention, entering with a Spidey-esque quip!) The fight scene was both well written and (as mentioned before) well drawn, definitely the best Cap kicking butt scene since Civil War 1 (even if it was a different Cap). Also, the use of the controversial gun fit naturally into the scene; it wasn’t there to kill, and it also seemed necessary instead of just senseless “shoot until I hit something.”

During this, we also get an all too real look at a politician being just that: a politician. Even with Tony Stark, director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Iron Man, and an Avenger, warning him of what is happening, he denies it, and then yells at him later on for not talking enough! And then of course, we move on to the shocking finale, and phase two of the Skull’s plan as the Boston Massacre (only in D.C. (the city, not the comic book company)) happens all over again. Definitely a great ending, intended to latch onto all the readers who picked this up just because it premiered new Cap!

So overall, a great issue, a necessity to pick up! Not just for collectors purposes (this’ll probably be worth quite a bit some years down the road…), but just because it was a great issue. Anyone who feared this book might suffer from a lack of Rogers: your fears should have just been alleviated.

Bonus: LOST Easter Egg: page 14, second panel: “Dr. Jack Shephard. The LOST… are found. Details can be found at Find815.com” as a subtitle on a news report. This of course begs the question, is the 616 universe one of the universes where the characters from LOST exist? Or is this perhaps an alternate reality (aka 616 reality) Dr. Jack Shephard? Hopefully, time will tell…


Marvel’s Golden Loeb Awards January 29, 2008

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Marvel has decided to do their own comics awards this year, dubbed the Golden Loebs. Details about nominees and voting can be found here.

Here are my votes:

Best Writer: Ed Bruabker
Best Penciller: Steve McNiven
Best Inker: Stefano Guardiano
Best Colorist: Morry Hollowell
Best Letterer: Chris Eliopolous
Best Cover Artist: Marko Djurdjevic
Best Single Issue: Write In: Silver Surfer: Requiem 4
Best Story Arc: Messiah Complex
Best New Series: Thor
Best Series: Write In: Fantastic Four
Best Limited Series: Write In: Silver Surfer: Requiem
Best Collected Edition: Annihilation
Best Character 2007: Write In: Thor
Best Villain: Write In: Joe Quesada
Best Team: Write In: Fantastic Four
Best Cliffhanger: Write In: Amazing Spider-Man 541
Best Splash Page: New Avengers: Illuminati 5 (Illuminati vs Skrulls)
Bada$$ Moment: Write In: Spider-Man/Kingpin fight (Amazing Spider-Man 542)


Review of Daredevil 102 (3.5 stars) January 29, 2008

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Overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Not going to say too much about the art this time, as Lark continues to deliver his same amount of goodness. One comment though, he drew the Enforcers better than anyone I have ever seen. I love how his art can be so reminiscent of the 60s/70s, but at the same time, look just as modern as most comics.

Our story opens with Cranston telling us how much he likes his lifestyle, and how much Daredevil’s life sucks. Pretty good dichotomy, but unfortunately for Cranston, we know that won’t last. We then move on the Enforcers/Hood’s gang fight scene, well written, and as I mentioned before, well drawn. It is great to see the Enforcers back in comics. I don’t know how long it has been since I have seen them, but despite being somewhat cheesy, they have always been an interesting group. Then we have Daredevil enter the scene, and of course Daredevil accomplishes the opposite of what he set out to do.

After Daredevil finally digs himself out of the rubble, he returns home to a surprise, not just for himself, but the reader. Foggy (along with some help from Lily) is actually able to get Milla out on bail. This was a bit unexpected for me, but when Foggy explains how it happened, it made sense. And then we get introduced to the new character Elsa. She is certainly going to make things interesting. A state appointed nurse living in Daredevil’s house? This could make things really hard for Matt, especially in maintaining his already shaky secret identity, so I’m interested to see where this will go.

And finally, we cut back to Cranston, and we learn that Matt’s temporary happiness from the return of his wife is all part of the master plan. I have to admit, Brubaker can spin a pretty darn good mystery (*holds up current “Death of Captain America” storyline as proof*), I’m curious as to what this “master plan” is, and I am eager to see it come to fruition, though with only three issues left in this arc, I’m wondering if it will expand into the next arc as well. Time will only tell I suppose.


LOST fans and comics fans, rejoice! January 26, 2008

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Some awesome news just came from Marvel yesterday, click here to read all about it.

To read a list of some of the items mentioned in the artcile, click here.

Please tell me I’m not the only person who thinks this is the coolest team up ever?


Marvel’s own, on Magic… January 24, 2008

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Just read the funniest thing over on another blog, and thought I’d share:




Sequel to My Cancellation Letter to Marvel January 24, 2008

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Here is another letter that I have written to Marvel, please feel free to use any portions of it that you wish in your own letters to Marvel. I realize a few things I said in this letter were also said in my previous letter, but I highly doubt someone at Marvel is going to read this and think “Oh I remember this guy! Didn’t he mention that last time? He’s being a bit superfluous, I think…” Let’s all do what we can to abolish the horrific One More Day/Brand New Day!

January 24, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

This is the second in a series of letters informing various members of Marvel Entertainment why I have cancelled my Spider-Man subscription and what it will take for me to resubscribe. With Amazing Spider-Man 545, Joe Quesada and J. Michael Straczynski not only erased my favorite fictional marriage and my favorite part of the Spider-Man comics, but they also made an immense change to the last twenty years of Spider-Man comics. I realize that in interviews, Joe Quesada has said that very little changes were made, the only major change being that the marriage never happened and that the unmasking was forgotten, supposedly, everything else is pretty much the same. This is completely false, and was simply Joe Quesada trying to assuage angered fans by telling them what they wanted to hear. If everything is for the most part the same, then Harry Osborn would be dead. Even if he had somehow still lived, why would he not still be married to his wife, Liz, whom he loved dearly? Would he have abandoned her and his son? Why would Peter still be supportive of Harry if he had abandoned his own son? If the answer is that Harry never had a son, then this is the major retcon that Joe Quesada purported to have never happened. Likewise, why are the webshooters back? Why is Aunt May’s house still in tact? What happened to all the money Peter had in his bank account before the Civil War? How is it that people like Daredevil and Wolverine have never figured out his identity? Are you retconning their powers away too? If the answer to all this is “it’s magic, we don’t have to explain it,” then you are insulting the intelligence of every Spider-Man reader out there. If you want your readers to have the intelligence of a second grader, I sincerely hope that every reader with an intelligence level above that stops reading and readership goes down by the tens of thousands, and I will be extremely vocal about this, and encourage all readers who feel the same to do the same.

Not only have you retconned away many of the important events mentioned above, but you also retconned away Peter’s sense of responsibility (which I still feel is the main theme of the series, despite tireless propaganda that the theme is youth; I have read every issue of Amazing Spider-Man, and I’ve always felt it was about responsibility, not youth). How? You claim that while Peter and MJ never got married, the stories mostly remained the same by saying they still deeply loved each other, just never married. First, aside from responsibility, Joe Quesada is contradicting himself here. In One More Day, Mephisto says that it is not the “wide brush strokes” that make major changes in one’s life, but rather the “tiniest of lines.” By this definition, something as “tiny” as not getting married should have had huge ramifications on the timeline, thus making major changes to the story. Joe Quesada has claimed that these major changes did not happen. So which is true, and at which point did Joe Quesada lie? Second, by saying that the story mostly remained the same, you are saying that Peter and MJ deeply loved each other, went through many trials together, almost had a child together before it died, and professed on many occasions that they loved each other “more than life itself” without ever getting married? I emphasize the part where they almost had a child together, are you telling me and thousands of readers that if Peter had gotten Mary Jane pregnant he would not have done the responsible thing and married her? This does not only make him completely lacking in responsibility, but it also makes him a jerk, one that I have no interest in reading about. This also changes Aunt May’s character; you don’t think she would have pushed Peter to marry MJ if MJ was pregnant? She would have just let her “innocent nephew” continue support MJ and their love child without encouraging them to get married? This is folly! This is major recharacterization we’re talking about here! Of course, maybe the pregnancy was retconned, but what happened to the part where only minor changes were made? No matter what angle it is taken from, Joe Quesada has lied to and insulted the readers, and yet you continue to encourage us to read the series from which the lies and insults spring forth? Nay, you encourage us to read them three times a month!

Not only are One More Day and Brand New Day sources of lies and insults, but they are complete failures. These steps were taken to attract younger, new readers, and set Spider-Man up for the next generation, no? I am nineteen years old, and I have been reading comics for less than a year, and in the space of one single issue, I have no desire to read Spider-Man, and I will not do so until the marriage is replaced AND the retcon is undone. I may return if one of the two happen, but it would depend on how it happened. I will certainly go online to find out what is happening in the comics, but this will only be so I can stay up to date in future letters to you and to know when and if the retcon is undone. So here is one young, new reader that is absolutely disgusted that you have removed my absolute favorite element of Spider-Man stories: the beautifully written marriage.

As I mentioned before, I have read every issue of Amazing Spider-Man, but this is through the DVD-ROM from GitCorp containing all the issues. (Unfortunately future DVD-ROMs similar to this one will never be made, because you have cancelled your contract with GitCorp, yet another insult to customers. Don’t try to sell your Online Unlimited comics crap to me, I hate the format of them, and they don’t have any of the original ads, letters pages, bullpen bulletins etc. Where do you think I learned so much Marvel history? From reading these letters pages and bullpen bulletins. Here is yet another way Marvel won’t be getting money from me: the only digital comics I’m investing in will come from GitCorp.) So perhaps because I have read them all, you may not consider me new to comics, but wasn’t that the whole purpose of those DVD-ROMs? To let reader new and old to get acquainted with the history of their favorite heroes? So if you don’t consider me new to comics, that is yet another form of lying.

Bring back the Peter/MJ marriage!

A disgusted reader,

[signed my real name]
aka “LOTRKing” on the Marvel.com forums

I sent it to the following:

Marvel Subscriptions
PO Box 110
Newburgh, NY 12550

Marvel Entertainment, Inc.
417 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10016


Dan Buckley
c/o Marvel Comics
417 5th Avenue
New York City, New York 10016

Joe Quesada
c/o Marvel Comics
417 5th Avenue
New York City, New York 10016

Steve Wacker
c/o Marvel Comics
417 5th Avenue
New York City, New York 10016


Check back next week for reviews of Captain America 34, Fantastic Four 553, Mighty Avengers 8, New Avengers Annual 2008, Daredevil 102, and Thor 4!


Review of Thor 3 (4.5 stars) January 23, 2008

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Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

So, only three issues in, and this is probably my new favorite series. Coipel’s art is insanely great again. My favorite page this time is right before the Iron Man/Thor fight where Thor says “IS IT?” That definitely needs to be made into a wallpaper. Also, the devastation scenes were particularly poignant.

So, the story. I may not like the part that Straczynski played in One More Day, but you have to admit, the dude is one of the best writers that Marvel’s got. (I hold up Silver Surfer: Requiem as further proof). The story starts by giving us a brief history lesson about the original Orleans, and then contrasting the benefits the old Orleans had over New Orleans. The narrator (we have yellow narration boxes again! I’d almost forgotten what those were!) then asks where the heroes were during Katrina. A good question really, it sounds like they were off fighting Civil War, but who knows? Either way, this issue does a pretty good examination of the aftermath of Katrina. In fact, I would go so far to say that this is almost a “Black Issue” version of Katrina. (Which, funnily enough, Straczynski wrote the Black Issue too, just goes to show the guy isn’t insensitive about what is going on in the real world).

Then of course we move on to the Iron Man/Thor fight. Not much to talk about there. ….. Wait, only one of the best fight scenes of all time! (Or perhaps one of the best butt-kicking scenes of all time, as Iron Man didn’t put up much of a fight!) Any proof you need that Thor is one of the most insanely awesome heroes of all time can be found in this scene. Seriously, Iron Man’s butt got kicked so badly that I almost (key word: almost) felt sorry for him. I kinda wish Iron Man would antagonize him further so he would have fought for (what was left of) the resistance, maybe then we would finally see the abolishment of the SHRA. But the taste of what would have happened was enough for me. I also loved the insult to injury that Thor added by making Tony walk. In his armor, that surely wasn’t easy.

And finally we get the return of Heimdall. Personally, I find it pretty cool that the Asgardians have all bonded with humans of similar nature. It will be interesting to see who is where, and whom they’ve bonded with. The only thing I’m wondering is that guy Ezra dead now? It never really showed, but he was left lying on the ground. I hope he isn’t, cause that would suck for that little girl. 😐

Anyway, another great issue, this series could easily be the best that Marvel is putting out.


Review of Mighty Avengers 7 (3 stars) January 22, 2008

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Overall rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Well, Bagley’s art is not as good as Cho’s, but it was still pretty darn good. It was a little cartoony looking in some places, but for the most part it was easy on the eyes and lifelike. My favorite panels were the silhouettes of the Avengers, with Captain America in the background, the new Mighty Avengers Assemble end page, and, of course, the symbiote splash page.

Overall, it was a fairly interesting story, but to anyone who reads New Avengers, there was nothing new here at all, it only showed stuff that we knew was going to happen. Jessica’s character was very well written, and well used, in my opinion. Tony knows that Jessica knows how to lie, and her flawless playing of the charade when she was introduced to the rest of the Avengers is evidence of that. Though by far, the best (and funniest) scenes were Jan’s introduction of Simon’s potential new costumes (Finally! His old one sucked horribly!) and the attack of the fearsome symbiote baby! That part just made me laugh out loud, it was like a scene from a bad horror movie. (*in deep announcer voice* Coming next summer: Attack of the Killer Alien Babies! The offspring attack!)

The two problems I had with the story: one, as I mentioned, everything that happened was already known about through New Avengers, but two, how did Tony know there is a Skrull on the team? I mean, it makes sense from a story point of view that someone is a Skrull, but certainly there is nothing that would alert Tony to this, that is like someone in a horror movie knowing that someone is about to die because they can hear scary music playing, it just wouldn’t make sense. So unless I missed something, Tony seems to have jumped to conclusions pretty quickly: “Skrulls are invading! There must be one on my team!” “What makes you say that?” “It would help the story to progress.”

Of course, this does beg the question, who is it?

Tony – very unlikely, as it would seem a huge cop out after everything that has happened in Civil War.

Carol – maybe, I’m not too familiar with her as a character, but seeing as she has her own book right now, I wouldn’t bet on it.

Jan – quite possibly, she rescued Ares last issue at her own risk, and while this may have been done out of nobility, it could also have been done to gain their trust. Also, how do we know that Simon’s new costume isn’t taking readings on him and/or learning how his power works a la the Iron Spider costume?

Simon – another pretty good possibility, for someone who seemed to really want to go into acting and abandon being an Avenger, he seemed to give up his plans to become an Avenger pretty quick.

Natasha – unlikely, she’s been appearing in Captain America too much, and unless Marvel is playing a big hoax on us, Cap’s book won’t tie in to Secret Invasion. (Unless Red Skull is really Red Skrull, wouldn’t that be a shocker?)

Jessica – who knows? Her character is so complicated, anything is possible.

Ares – not likely, choosing him as an Avenger came out of nowhere, so I really don’t think the Skrulls would have known to pick him as their spy.

Lindy – very possible, her actions in the last two issues have seemed pretty Skrully, but that in and of itself makes me want to doubt whether or not she is a Skrull. Unless of course The Sentry really DID kill her way back when (remember, that’s why he was at the Raft) and the Lindy that’s been around since he left the Raft is a Skrull.

Jarvis – unlikely, he is in a good position to be the spy, but unless he was very recently replaced, his affections for Aunt May would seem to signify he is not a Skrull. (Or did these affections ever happen now? I hate One More Day!)

The Sentry – gets my vote. Keep in mind, Secret Invasion started all the way back in New Avengers #1. Who was the dude in the shadows? Why did he want a breakout in the first place? To breakout their agent that they knew they superheroes would take in as one of their own? Possibly. I think he may be a sleeper agent though, and not even know he is a Skrull. His mind is so messed up, that it wouldn’t surprise me.

Just my theories. 😉


Review of Daredevil Annual 2007 (4 stars) January 19, 2008

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Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The art was pretty good, it looked a lot like Lark’s art, which as I’ve mentioned before, really fits the tone of the story. Actually, the only art that I didn’t like was the cover art. Don’t get me wrong, Djurdevic looks as great as his work always does, I didn’t like the cover because for two reasons. One, it gives away that DD and Black Tarantula were going to fight, something that was not obvious in the story until it actually happened. Two, said foreshadowed fight consisted of BT knocking DD out with one punch, it took up a grand total of one frame. So not only did we know a fight was coming, but the “fight” was extremely lame. Still, this is a fairly minor point, as the art and story were overall very good.

Our story starts with something that I have not seen in comics in quite awhile: our hero is sick, yet still performing his job. While this has been done before, it is always interesting to see how it will be used each time. It of course, leads to him getting some very accidental, yet very important information while resting in a confessional booth (is that what they are called? I’m not Catholic, so I wouldn’t know). Seriously, how many heroes can say the got a tip while in confessional? That’s pretty cool. Cut to the Black Tarantula’s prison release. I didn’t really know what his current status was at this point, but I’m glad to see he’s back in comics, he always was kind of interesting. Also, he seems to want to try going straight, yet another thing that is always fun to watch villains try to do.

The many crime elements in this issue were a bit of a breath of fresh air in a comics world that sometimes seems to be too much of “Stop the super villain from executing his evil plan! And/or we have to save the world from impending doom!” While these elements usually make for a great story, some just plain street crime can be a great bit of variety. And of course, a huge part of this element was the mystery of the confessor, and the murder he was involved in. This issue was a great blend of BT readapting to the world, while having clues be presented to solve the mystery. This really seemed to be more of a detective story than a superhero story, and I liked it! As a noob to Daredevil, I hope this title has many more issues like this.

As for the ending, we now have another anti-hero like the Punisher to add to the roster of crime-fighters, I hope we see more of Black Tarantula in the future.

Check back next week for another angry letter to Marvel about One More Day/Brand New Day, a review of Thor 3, and (hopefully) a review of Mighty Avengers 7!