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Review of Daredevil 99 (3 stars) December 31, 2007

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Overall rating: 3 out of 5 stars

First of all, let me say that I may not be fully qualified to review this issue, (then again, who says I’m qualified to review comics at all?) as it was my first ever issue of Daredevil. But hey, ya gotta start somewhere, right?

I realize this issue is a little old, but since I’m not reading Spider-Man any more I thought I’d pick up Daredevil (something I’ve been contemplating for a while any way). I thought I was picking up part 1 of the current arc, but it turns out this is the last part of the previous arc. Oh well, now I’m a little more prepared for the current arc I guess.

Overall it was a pretty good issue. The main thing I didn’t like (except for the fact that is was hard to follow at times, but that’s because I’m new to the story) was the art (cover was good though) it was a little gritty and hard on the eyes, but I suppose it matches the theme of the book, so I can live with that. Besides, it’s no where near as bad as Yu’s art in New Avengers, at least here I can always tell who is who and what is going on, in NA sometimes I have really stare at the page to even understand what I am looking at.

Highlights of the issue: the whole crime-y feel, I haven’t read something that good in that area since the Gang Wars of Amazing Spider-Man, if this is what Daredevil is always like, I’m really going to like it. I also liked the scene with the cops, it’s good to see that even post-SHRA there is still some trust in the “illegal heroes.” Likewise, DD going out and beating everyone up out of anger while searching for info, really reminded of some of the best parts of Back in Black (I seem to be one of the few who actually enjoyed that storyline), and once again, I hope Daredevil is often like this. Of course all the suspense building up to Mr. Fear wasn’t as exciting for me as it was for others, because I’m not too familiar with him, but I understand that that part was supposed to be good.

Main thing I can’t wait to find out? What did Mr. Fear do to Milla? Cause it’s obvious he did something from that last line…

Also, what’s the deal with Lily Lucca? Why was Milla so angry with her? I tried looking her up online, but couldn’t really find anything. If anyone wants to tell me that’d be great, if not, I’m sure I’ll find out in some way or other in one of the upcoming issues.

Well shorter than normal review today, but I’m sure once I understand the world of Daredevil better, I’ll be able to go more in depth in my reviews.


Review of Mighty Avengers 6 (4 stars) December 30, 2007

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Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars

A great ending to the Mighty Avengers’ first arc, but I’m going to get my gripes out of the way first, before my praisings.

Gripe 1) Ant-Man. I loved his sudden appearance last issue, it gave it a really cool old-school feeling. But at the beginning of this issue he’s right back on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. Did I miss something? How did he go from being right in front of Ultron, to being back on the helicarrier? Also, his sudden appearance last issue made it seem like he was going to do something important, but all he did was talk to Ultron (or did he? Like I said, timeline here is weird.) I realize he created the virus and all, but that was as Hank, I thought he would do something important as Ant-Man. I was just a bit let down.

Gripe 2) The Sentry. Normally, I think he is a pretty cool character despite having a lame origin. But now he suddenly has the power to heal others? *sigh* I hope he doesn’t decome just another deus ex machina for Marvel. “Oh no! [Insert random superhero] is dying! Go get the Sentry to heal him!” My theories for possible explanations: Notice in Mighty Avengers 5 in a panel when he is holding Lindy’s body that there is a golden glow between his hand and her face, AND his eyes have turned completely black. I’m thinking he may only have this healing power when he becomes The Void, which is something he can’t control, ergo, he won’t be able to control his healing powers, therefore (hopefully) keeping him from being a D.E.M. More fun theory: the “resurrected” Lindy is a Skrull. (She’d be in the perfect position to do spying to, I mean, an Avengers wife? That is exactly where the Skrulls want to be). The only thing I have against this theory: It’s a bit too expected. Then again, that was my main point for why the Pete/MJ marriage wouldn’t end, and why Bucky wouldn’t become Captain America, so that excuse may not have merit with Marvel anymore… *sigh*

Gripe 3) Tony’s perfectly healed? His armor completely healed him? With everything that could have went wrong, it just seemed a bit anticlimactic. But then again, I can’t think of anything better they could have done, and this doesn’t bother me that much, so just a very minor gripe.

Praisings! First – the cover! ROFL! Kudos to whoever decided to hide C-3PO in the pile of Iron Man’s armor! You just made a nerd very happy! Cho’s art – awesome as ever, even if it was the cause for this issue’s lateness (McNiven’s still my favorite comic artist though). Ares – continues to kick butt, and depending on how the next arc goes, he might just become my favorite Mighty Avenger (still as of yet undecided who that title belongs to). Also, the look on Iron Man’s face and the first thing he checks when Jan says: “She, uh, turned you into a girl.” So, that may not have been the most civilized humor, but I found it hilarious anyway. (Even funnier than Wolverine’s “bigger” comment in New Avengers 34 😉 )

The multiple endings were very fitting for this arc, and for some reason that I can’t describe, I really like ’em. I guess it just gives this issue a very TV-ish feel? I dunno, they were just good. I especially liked the brief reappearance of Ultron watching the Pyms, just kind of reiterated the whole notion that he/she’s never going away. That moment in and of itself just wanted me to keep reading the series. (Which I’m planning on doing anyways, but if I had been fence sitting that would have been the decider, cause you know Bendis is gonna use that moment in the future). And Spider-Woman brings Tony Skrullectra’s body finally. Yay! Now hurry up and catch up with New Avengers! 😛

Well it looks like my griping section was longer than my praising section. This is probably because you can nitpick in more ways than you can say “this issue was awesome.” But just to be sure, I’ll reiterate: This issue was awesome!


Brief commenting rules. December 30, 2007

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Quick pause from the normal stuff.

To everyone: My goal is to keep this a family friendly blog. Please feel free to leave comments on any posts of mine that you wish to, but if you do so, please refrain from using curse words. If you do so, I will edit them out. Also, please watch your content material, and try to keep it PG-rated. (I can’t think of anything I would post that would inspire a non-PG post, but I figure better safe than sorry to point this out now). If I see anything I think is inappropriate, I will delete it from your comment, or delete your comment all together.

Thank you!


Review of Amazing Spider-Man 545 (0 Stars) December 30, 2007

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Overall rating: 0 out of 5 stars

This was the worst comic ever written. Period. Not only for it’s highly controversial and stupid ending (which I and many others have complained about elsewhere), but also because it is so poorly written, that I think it unintentionally makes fun of itself. (Or perhaps it was just JMS admitted that the story sucked, but that he had nothing to do with it, if you read between the lines).

Case in point: “If I made that decision alone alone, no. But if we make it together…” Peter Parker is trying to convince MJ to accept this deal when she does not want to, and May would obviously disapprove? This is completely immature, selfish, and out of character. Peter is practically saying “I don’t care what MJ or May wants, only what would make me feel better.”

Next point: The page and and a half where every panel is the exact same frame close up of Peter and MJ together, with them saying only a few meaningless lines. If this was somehow supposed to be touching, it completely failed.

Third point: I think Mephisto says it best: “Have you thought for a second to ask yourselves why? Why I chose you two out of all people? It’s because yours is the rarest love of all. Pure, unconditional and made holy in the eyes of He who I hate the most. A love like yours comes once in a millenia and to take that away from Him, to deny Him, is a victory like none other imaginable.” JMS must have loved writing this line. Is it just me, or is he practically calling JQ Satan? I mean, he talks about how awesome and rare and wonderful this marriage is, and says what an evil, hateful thing it would be to take it away. Please tell me I’m not the only one who saw this analogy here…

Another quote I love: MJ – “The answer is yes, you monster!” Mephisto – “How … expected.” I’m sorry, but that is just too good, I think JMS is once again commenting on the story. Perhaps one of the most disappointing parts of this issue is that there was no surprises, virtually everything that happened has been floating around as rumors on the net for months. Normally Marvel does a good job keeping stuff like this underwraps, but this time they did a dismal job.

Fourth point: “NYRAAARGH! Do it.” A stupid line, with no point to it. The story is completely falling apart on itself here, and becomes completely obvious how forced it was.

Final point: Putting the excerpt from ASM Annual 21 was completely bad form. I mean seriously, they just took away the most beloved fictional marriage of all time, not to mention 20 years of continuity, and then they show us the original wedding that no longer happened? Are they just trying to rub it in our faces even more? Bad form!

In summary: this issue sucked liked no other, and until the marriage and continuity is restored, I’m done reading Spider-Man, and I encourage others to drop the title too, it’s the only way to send the message to Marvel that we hate what they are doing.


LOTRKing’s Marvel Comics Reviews December 30, 2007

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I’ve decided to expand my blog to include reviews of the Marvel comics I read on a monthly basis. Overall ratings will be based off a five star scale.

List of comics I currently read (this list will be edited as necessary):

Fantastic Four
New Avengers
Mighty Avengers
Daredevil (just started)
Silver Surfer: In Thy Name (a limited series)
Captain America
The Twelve (about to start)