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Twopop’s Moving Speech April 18, 2007

Posted by lotrking in SSTuff.

Twopop gave an awesome speech in the SST chat today, here is the transcript:

“You probably noticed that the meter was raised to $1000 this month. Many of you have been so very generous… but Jeric needs a lot more help… lots of little ones add up
“You have no idea how much tinkering JERIC does behind the scenes to keep us running
“And now that he has been unmasked in NYC, you know he’s a guy in his early thirties with a wife, 2 little kids, 6 cats, and a mortage, and a 9-5 just like most of us
“All he wanted to do was listen to his CD collection while at work… put it on the internet.. and the rest is history. We are now a family… almost a small country ;D
“But JERIC has been fighting to keep us afloat for months – years even.
“Dipping into his own pocket to keep us happy.
“I am not trying to put a guilt trip on anyone… not at all. I’m asking you to help spread the word and facts of the situation.
“Most of us are paycheck-to-paycheck people… lots of obligations. Or tuition to pay. Or in between jobs. You and your family come first!
“But if you can go to a movie or buy a CD or even a Starbucks, maybe foregoing that and sending it to Jeric would make a big difference.
“Oh man… sorry to vent… I love you guys and I don’t want to lose you
“If we can’t meet here every day, it will be like a death
“It’s just us and Jeric together to buy the parts for the server.
“So as big as that da** royalty cloud is, we won’t make it without a newer server either 😦
“ok I will climb down off the soapbox and give you all a hug – because I know you understand and care.
“You guys are the most wonderful ppl in the world!! I hope the next gathering has 300 of you!!”

Thanks Twopop! I feel a bit guilty saying this, after only being able to donate $10, but let’s all reach into our pockets and donate something, even if it is just a little bit! To donate, click here!





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