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How my love for The Time Machine novel and The Time Machine soundtrack are (almost) NOT related: April 10, 2007

Posted by lotrking in Other Random Stuff.

The Time Machine has been one of my favorite novels for years, when I heard that they were making a movie adaptation of it, I was, of course, excited. I went to the theatre shortly after it came out only to be extremely dissappointed. The movie was NOTHING like the book, not even slightly close! I wanted to cry, they had ruined one of the best books of all time. After that, I did my best to try to forget that the movie existed. Four years later, I was listening to another internet soundtrack station (gasp! 😯 ) (before I found SST of course!) and heard some great music. I was very surprised to see that it came from The Time Machine soundtrack. I thought, “Surely a movie with music that good can’t have been that bad.” So I decided to give the movie another try, and tried to forget about the book while watching the movie. Turned out that despite being nothing like the book, it was really a great movie! But even better was the soundtrack! After watching the movie the second time, I knew that the soundtrack was the best I had ever heard… and the rest is history. 😉 So there you have it, if it had been based solely on my love for the book, I may never have discovered the wonderful soundtrack.

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