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EPIC MUSIC DAY!!! (12/20/06) December 20, 2006

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Today is Epic Music Day! What is that? It means request epic music on SST. What is epic music? Epic music is dramatic-sounding music that uses a choir, borderlining on opera (but it is not opera, don’t request opera!) The vocals sung by the choir usually consist of vocalizations (like aaahhs, or oooohhhhs) or are in lesser spoken languages (like Latin, Sankskrit, or (in the case of LOTR) one of the Elvish languages). Some examples of epic music are: Just about anything on the Epicon CD, the classic epic “O Fortuna,” “Duel of the Fates” from Star Wars I, “Battle of the Heroes” from Star Wars III, “Glamdring” from LOTR2, “The End of All Things” from LOTR3, and “Angelus In Medio Ignis” from The Messenger.
Still don’t understand what epic music is? Then watch this trailer. The music in the LAST HALF is an example of epic music. (The first half is music from the Elektra ST, if anyone knows which ST has the epic music, tell me and I will be eternally grateful!!! 🙂 )
Have fun requesting SST!


TSO CONCERT!!! December 18, 2006

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To those who were wanting my “official” report of the TSO Concert in OK City on Friday: It was beyond AWESOME!
As is usual, the laser-lights and pyrotechnics that accompanied the music were spectacular. The music itself sounded better live than it did on the CDs.
For the first act, they performed most of their first CD: Christmas Eve and Other Stories.
The second act was almost all instrumental. About half of it was from their upcoming CD Night Castle, including the best version of “O Fortuna” I have ever heard! The other half of the second act was music from their other CDs The Christmas Attic, The Lost Christmas Eve, and Beethoven’s Last Night. Toward the conclusion of the show, the two pianists had a “duel;” one of the pianists broke out into the “Charlie Brown Theme,” the rest of the band then accompanied him in a full rock version of the song! (I laughed the whole time, only TSO could pull off a rock version of Charlie Brown!) If TSO has yet to come to your town this year, I highly recommend that you get tickets, it is likely to be the BEST live performance you will EVER see!
Long live TSO and Paul O’Neill!

For those who don’t know, Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO) is a rock band that performs mostly Christmas music. About half of their songs are rock remakes of Christmas Carols and Classical Music. The other half is original music. They are (imo, of course) the best music group in existance. If you have never heard of them, I highly suggest you listen to some of their music samples. TSO was founded by Paul O’Neill in 1996.


‘Ello everyone! December 18, 2006

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‘Ello all!
This is the beginning of the official (and only) Blog of LOTRKing. A special welcome to all SSTers! (which I’m assuming is the only people who will come here anyway…) If anyone reading this is not an SSTer, I highly suggest you check it out because it is the BEST radio station in the world:
Feel free to post any comments, and if your WordPress name does not match your SST name, please tell me who you are in SSTland so I know who I’m talking to! 🙂
I have no idea what I will be writing about in this blog, most likely SST stuff or random rants, but enjoy!